Does anyone sell pre-packaged bread machine kits anymore?

Some 15 years ago we had a breadmaker and made bread from pre-packaged kits. We dragged the breadmaker out recently and discovered that we were missing the impeller.

My wife just bought a new Black and Decker breadmaker on a whim, on sale at Walmart. Unfortunately I cannot find pre-packaged kits at two grocery stores, nor Walmart.

Yeah, it’s probably not a huge undertaking to learn some basic reipies myself, but the pre-packaged kits used to be quite convenient.

Does anyone sell these anymore? (I’m in Canada, and I’m not buying on the Internet.)


Amazon hs many brands of bread maker mix. Most are sold in multipacks (6 or 12 boxes). Search Amazon for bread mix.

Hodgson Mill has many varieties

Krusteaz is another brand

I’ve been tempted to get a bread machine. But, my waist doesn’t need the extra calories. If my kids were still home then they could help me eat it.

My wife thinks that Sams Club carries these bread mixes. Wouldn’t hurt to check.

I have Krusteaz sweet cornbread mix in my cabinet now. Bought it on sale at Kroger. It makes a really good cornbread.

Most supermarkets have a “bread machine” section where they are mixes and things like yeast. Are you sure you were looking in the right place?

Hmmm… Looked all over three stores. And asked in one store. No such luck.

I use this recipe, which takes all of five minutes to throw together. I have to do a 1 1/2 batch to get the right amount for my machine, and I do two parts wheat flour to one part white (bread) flour, but it turns out quite nicely. Just in case your quest fails.

By “impeller,” perhaps you mean the dough blade, that mixes the dough? Probably the first thing to get misplaced.

Don’t throw away the unit just yet. Check the Internet, especially eBay, for parts. I have a Dak machine that was missing the critical rubber gasket and I found one for $5 on eBay.

Parts are available for an amazing variety of old and obsolete machines from scavengers or remanufacturers. I got a complete rehab kit for a 1940’s Singer 221 Sewing Machine for $21. Well worth it.

As far as pre-packaged mixes, I just don’t see why. The ingredients for a loaf of bread are so basic, simple and cheap that I can’t imagine paying for them pre-measured. But to each his own, I guess.

My store stocks it with the cake and brownie mixes and I have seen it as recently as this weekend, so it’s definitely still available for purchase.

Why not? The Internet doesn’t go to Canada?

I see packaged bread makin’s for a bread machine everywhere here in NYS, odd that you can’t find any where you are. They’re next to the flour and sugar, and the packaged cakes and cookie mixes. If the store says they don’t have any, then they don’t have any, and I don’t know what to tell you except you’ll have to send away for some. Does the booklet the bread machine came with offer any information on where to get prepackaged kits? How about King Arthur Flour website?

This is a very simple bread machine recipe, which isn’t from a kit. It’s very easy - just add the ingredients and turn on.

I used to have a breadmaker, but a puppy chewed the cord in half. i found it was very easy just to make bread from scratch. But I will say that being able to set up the breadmachine before you went to work adn having bread ready to come out when you get home is great. I just didn’t like the tall loaves.

I have a bread machine cookbook, and this was my favorite recipe:

For a 1 lb loaf:

3/4 c milk
1 egg
2 tbls butter
3 tbls honey
1/2 tsp salt
2 c bread flour
1 1/2 tsp yeast


I searched all through the flour and sugar and muffin and brownie areas in three stores and found no bread mixes.

As for on-line shopping, it’s really not very convenient in Canada; it takes a week to mail a letter.

AFAIK, flour keeps for a week or more. Should make it thru without dry ice. :slight_smile:

Ha ha…

I know how popular on-line shopping in the US is. It really is different in Canada though. For instance, I don’t have a mail box at my door. I have a mail box about a quarter mile down the street, in a multi-compartmented neighbourhood box. Packages that get delivered by Canada Post will end up in there, in a large compartment, the key to which will be placed in my compartment.

If the package is delivered by courier it will probably end up on my front step, maybe in the rain, and possibly when deer, or other animals are around, including neighbourhood dogs.

On-line shopping really doesn’t work for me.

Try a natural/health food store. Bob’s Red Mill makes packaged bread mixes that are quite good made in the machine.

ETA: Zombie bread s good, too.

I’m curious now, Leaffan: did you find the kit? Canada Post has improved a lot in 10 years–are you ordering online now?

Hadn’t realized till the end that this was a zombie thread, but anyway, “standard” boxed cake and bread mixes often have instructions for bread machines.

That’s because no one was lurching around moaning; “g-r-a-a-i-i-n-s”.

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