Does Anyone Understand Andy Capp?

No matter how many times I read it, I don’t get it.

Can anyone help?

On a slightly related topic, are there any comic strips that you just don’t understand, no matter how hard you try?


Other than the fact that Andy Capp is some kind of world class chauvinist, and that the premise of the strip is that wife beating, philandering, drunkeness and being a deadbeat are supposed to be funny, no, I don’t get it.

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I understand it, I don’t find it particularly funny though. An old, lazy drunkard supported by a wife. They’re constantly fighting, they have no money, and he’s trying to regain his youth through sports. Sure occasionally the wife or the woman Andy is hitting on in the bar will get in a good line, but for the most part the comic is not very funny.

Score one for pluto, minute early.

I’ve never had a problem understanding Andy Capp; in fact I rather like it.

The couple of times I’ve looked at Zippy the Pinhead, it was non-sensical. I can’t look at it any more because Zippy scares me.

Of course, there is a myriad of stupid strips, but that is another topic, I think.

Souvenieeeeers, nov-elties, par-ty tricks

Has anyone else seen Go?

Its not really a good movie but it is worth renting and fast forward to the end where they have this priceless bit about Family Circle.

Made me look at the funny pages a whole new way!

I REALLY don’t understand Zippy or Liberty Meadows. I think Andy Capp is understandable, just stupid.

Please share with the group.


Basically this guy is reading the funny pages and he talks about how he knows “Family Circus” is in the bottom corner just waiting to suck!

They then talk about it for a few minutes but this character is getting very agitated about how its just waiting to suck. Its very funny!

'Tain’t funny to me, Frankie. I could never imagine Bil beating Thel or going on a binge. The only time I like Andy Capp is when Flo beats him or someone else gets the better of him!

I really didn’t think the violence is funny. And I don’t think drug use is very funny either. Thats why i said the movie isn’t very good.

But I feel the same way about Zippy the pinhead and Family Circus. They are on the page just waiting to suck. Just being unfunny and all…

Well, Frankie, being Irish, I also like to see someone get the better of an Englishman. (Besides, I lived in a household with an abusive, drinking stepfather.)
Best put down of an English person: scene in a meat market in Glasgow, Scotland:
English woman, customer: “I want a sheep’s head, and it must be English.”
Meat cutter, tossing a head to his assistant: “Here, Jock–tak’ the brains oot o’ this.”

O you fortunate folks! To get Zippy in your paper…I can only dream. Around here, most people have never heard of Zippy. Those that have still think of it as an underground comic book. Zippy is brilliant. Zippy is God.

Andy Capp? Simply the poor English trash version of Born Loser. Born years earlier, of course.

Yeah, and nowhere near as funny as Brutus Thornapple.

You need to have working knowledge of a Cockney accent - basiclly British Redneck - to get most of it.

I get it, but most of the time, I just don’t think it’s funny.

Love the Hot Fries though!

Yer pal,

I’ve never heard of Andy Capp until now, anyone want to let me know of a paper of link to it?

I hope to think our society has outgrown laughing at drunks and wife-beaters. No offense to you who DO enjoy it; maybe I’m just too serious.

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Yipes!! I mean, no offense to those of you who ENJOY THE COMIC STRIP, not the activities listed!!

The early strips of Andy Capp, with an enormous lack of violence, and much less misogyny, are quite clever, centering around a miserable marriage. But Reg Smythe ran out of jokes very quickly, and unlike the brilliant Bill Watterson, didn’t quit while he was ahead.

One strip I’ve never understood is Doonesbury, mostly because political commentary bores me stupid. (And everyone looked the same with their stupid pencil noses and their disturbing square eyes)

Bill Amend, who draws Fox Trot, slammed Doonesbury quite effectively a while back. Jason, the strip’s 10-year-old ultrageek, created web pages for various strips. The Doonesbury page said, “To read today’s strip, click here. To read the 22-page interview with German Finance Minister Theo Waigel from the November issue of The Economist, which helps put the punchline in some context, click here.”
That said, I want glasses like the ones Mike Doonesbury wears. No frames, bridge or earpieces; just two lenses suspended in front of his eyes.

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