Does anyone use Silicon Graphics workstations anymore?

I have a large, heavy SGI octane workstation squatting in my office that has not been turned on in at least two years. I got it for some molecular modelling work that never really took off, my understanding is that most work in this area gets done on simple PCs these days.

So, am I the owner of a white elephant workstation that basically needs to be thrown in a skip out the back? Or is this type of computer still useful to people in different industries, in which case I’ll ebay it. Thanks for any advice.

You might get a few hundred for it on ebay. Here are the kind of specs people are interested in if you’re going to sell it.

Sure. In fact, SGI was here working on one of their big machines just yesterday.

edit: Oh, workstations. Quite a few are still in use here, but they are getting retired on a regular basis.

Wiki link: SGI Octane.