Does Asian cinema ever buy the remake rights of Hollywood movies?

Hollywood seems to like purchasing the rights to remake J-Horror. Examples: Ju-on, The Ring Virus, Dark Water. In every case I can think of, the Hollywood remake has failed to out-do the original. For my money, J-Horror almost always has a higher creepiness factor even though they tend to have much smaller FX budgets.

Are there any cases where Asian studios have bought the rights to remake Hollywood movies?

A sort of related side question: do they have to acknowledge the original? In the case of “The Lake House” I found out later it was a remake of the Korean movie Il Mare (시월애 ), but they never mentioned it on the commercials or the DVD box that I saw.

The Jet Li movie Shu dan long wei (High Risk) is in large part an insane remake of Die Hard. Since it’s not an exact remake, I don’t know if there was any official exchange of rights.

Hollywood films typically get the same level of exposure in Japan that they do in America: TV commercials, screening in all mainstream theaters, front-and-center placement on the New Release shelf at the video stores, etc. Combined with a population that’s not averse to watching films with subtitles (and that treats subtitle writers as minor celebrities), there’s probably not a huge incentive to remake even remotely recent Hollywood films.

Old Hollywood movies, however, are probably fair game (as they are in Hollywood itself), though I can’t think of any off the top of my head. European and Asian films that don’t get a wide release also get re-made quite a bit.

Not so much Japan or Korea, but Bollywood has had a glut of remakes in the past 3 years, mainly thrillers and mainly through Ram Gopal Varma’s Production Company.

Totally agree with that ,saw a Korean "haunting"movie set during the Vietnam war called I think “Point R”.
Both brilliant and flesh creeping.

I don’t know if Akira Kurosawa paid anyone for the rights to “King Lear” when he made “Ran”.

I saw the Bollywood version of Fight Club. It was…not pretty.

As I recall, Toho used Roland Emerich’s version of Godzilla as an enemy monster in their last Godzilla movie. (Though they likely had some rights to the spinoff, already.)

I haven’t seen it yet, but I understand the CGI “Zilla” goes up against a proper suitimation Godzilla. I’m taking a wild guess on what the outcome turns out to be… :smiley:

I remember seeing the trailer for this - it was hilarious! (but it sure didn’t make me want to watch it).

I did see the Bollywood version of Face/Off (or at least as much of it as I could stand). I wonder how much they pay for the rights, considering how cheaply they’re made.

There was actually a Korean movie called Everyone Has a Secret that I’m pretty sure was based on About Adam. Although, strictly speaking, About Adam was actually made in the UK, so I guess it doesn’t count as a Hollywood movie.

Like Sublight said, we already get all the Hollywood movies, so I don’t think anyone would be really motivated to remake things people have already all seen before.

I wanna see the One True King Of The Monsters kick the living sh%t outta G.I.N.O.

What was the title?

Godzilla: Final Wars

The original writers should me mentioned in the credits. Hell even Homer has credits on imdb.

Not a movie, but they’re actually making a Chinese clone of 24. Linky linky

Too late to edit: No doubt Jia Bau Er gets captured by the Americans in the thrilling season finale.