Does blood really have sugar in it? (vampires)

This is a really stupid question…you were warned.

People talk about one’s blood-sugar, but does blood actually have sugar in it similar to fruit juices or soda? If so, how much? Supposing there were such a thing as vampires, is there enough sugar in blood to cause vampire tooth decay if they didn’t brush after meals?

There are actually several different chemicals that can be called ‘sugar’. The white stuff you pour in your Kool Aid is a mixture of dextrose and fructose. During digestion, these chemicals (and other carbohydrates) are broken up into a form of sugar known as glucose. Gluscose enters the blood, where it flows to all parts of the body to serve as a source of energy. Without it you would die. Since you don’t eat all the time, a way of moderating the blood sugar level is needed. This is where insulin comes in. When your blood sugar is high, insulin induces the liver to store glucose, and when your blood sugar is too low, insulin induces your liver to release glucose. Diabetics do not produce enough insulin and so are subject to dangerous swings in their blood sugar.

Right. But would it cause tooth decay like fructose and sucrose?

Yes. Brush those fangs twice a day. It’s gotta be murder doing it though, since they can’t really check them out in the mirror …

In all honesty, though, the sugar content of blood may be too low to pose a serious threat to tooth enamel. Saliva may be enough to wash it away.

Do bats get much tooth decay? Masai tribesmen?