Does Cecil Walk Among Us?

Just as some believe Jesus walks among us incognito, could Cecil have a sock account on the Board? And if so, which one of us might he likely be?

The Perfect Master has no need, being possessed of no ignorance to fight.

He posts out in the open.

There have been at least three people who have used the pen name Cecil Adams. For quite some time now it has been Ed Zotti.

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why
Cecil Adams is around here someplace

The mods’ dirty little secret is that Cecil’s sock was gonzomax.

Cecil’s sock account is, of course, Ed Zotti.

Damn! They’re onto us!

“I’m Spartacus.”

No, wait.

Wrong thread…

I think Cecil just (inadvertently?) confessed to being Ed, in today’s (10/12/2012) column about lumber sizes.

See this post for further discussion.

It could be a coincidence. A likely coincidence, given the number of old houses in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area undergoing extensive renovation at any moment.

Or, perhaps, it could be said that Cecil lives with Ed, in the sense that Cecil lives in the heart and soul of each seeker of knowledge and illumination. Like Santa, except with wisdom instead of plastic noisemaking gizmos licensed from the current mass media craze and manufactured in Malaysia.

Or, yeah. What you said. I think an earlier thread was going on about the Dread Pirate Cecil thing.

Um… yeah, this thread.

Yes, I know all of that. But I wonder if he also dons a disguise to blend in with us more. Ed Zotti would be his Batman, but which of us might be his Bruce Wayne?

I’m liking the gonzomax theory myself.

Yeah, and look what happened to the OP in that thread. Banned!

There will be no taking The Master’s name in vain on this board! Even idle speculation will result in the Death of a Thousand Bans!

You know, everyone’s always so curious about Cecil, our Perfect Master… however, what about the unsung hero of The Straight Dope, the illustrious illustrator, Slug Signorino?

Does he post amongst us? Is HE actually Cecil Adams? Hmmmmmmmm…

Now, I’d *believe *that **gonzomax **was Slug…

Indeed He does, my son.

Well, that’s not all that incognito, is it?

Cecil is a hive mind from the future sent back in time to tell us how wrong we all are. It finds Message Boards quaint and… well… primitive.

It, however, does feed on the souls of the banned.