does cranberry juice REALLY help eliminate THC and other drug residue from body?

I’ve heard people say that cranberry juice helps eliminate drug toxins (such as THC) from your body… these are usually people who have to take urine tests, but i believe that about as much as i believe the detox crap they sell at gas stations really works…

i ask here because some of these questions have to come from “clouded” minds… :slight_smile:

THG used to be (until verrry recently) hard to impossible to detect. Some diurhetics helped mask it - supposedly. I don’t know if Cranberry juice per se was the method, but some of the methods to masking THG came down to this:

Do nothing. Take THG, trust it has been damn near impossible to find, but credit the ‘masking’ to whatever diurhetic or other technique you used when all along it was just the fact that THG was damn near impossible to find that kept you from getting caught.

But it can be found now. I think Discover mag ran the stroy within the past month.

The OP is thinking of weed, not steroids, Philster.

Of course, that doesn’t change the substance of the post. Folks drink cranberry juice for the diuretic effect.

As to the efficacy, it should be noted that THC is soluble in fat, so simply peeing a lot has little effect on the length of time it takes to exit your body. It may result (by dilution) in less of the substance being present in your urine, but the only sure way to avoid failing a pee test for THC is to avoid the substance or go work for a less-invasive employer.

Well, if you ever consider THG, now you know you can get caught.


There is the factual answer.

I’m going to close this before the discussion turns to how to defeat drug test.

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