Does Cuba have armed forces right outside the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base?

I was thinking the other day that Castro must just freak that we have a base in Cuba. Does Cuba have the perimeter of the base pretty well guarded?

*US Marines maintain a daily vigil behind a sealed perimeter fence, watching Cuban frontier guards doing the same. *

That’s probably a pretty cushy job. Sun and sand, and just about zero chance that the people will invade.

It has to be better than manning the posts between North and South Korea!

On the contrary. Most border patrol jobs don’t involve an armed, hostile, military force deployed within rifle range. I’ve never been in the military, but I’d much rather do it in the Korean DMZ than Guantanamo.

Why do you say this? There have been quite a lot of violent incidents at the Korean border, and numerous deaths. I’ve never heard of any violence at Guantanamo, not to mention the far better climate.

So how are the US’ rental payment checks given to the Cuban govt? Mailed? And even though Castro refuses to cash them do they expire? At around $4000/month for nearly 50 years that’s about $2.4 million some future leader of Cuba might want!

Note to self: take over Cuba when Castro kicks the bucket.

Actually, it’s ~$4000 per year.

I suppose the rent payments are directed to the Cuban Interests’ Section at the Swiss Embassy, made out to the Cuban ministry of finance. BTW North Korean border troops have actually killed people on the southern side of the fence, no such history with the Cubans outside Gitmo. However, it’s not that grand when you think that if you want any off-base fun at all, you’d need to catch a space-av flight to Florida or Puerto Rico.

<hijack> I am assuming before the communist takeover the city surrounding the base must have been a magnet for our military. Plus the base provided jobs for Cubans.

Is this correct? If so what happened after? Is it pretty much dead? </hijack>

Been there, done that. Guantanamo Bay is a pit.

The base did provide jobs for the locals, a practice that didn’t die off until the 1990’s, IIRC.

You can still see the old base gate where servicemen and locals used to pass. It’s pretty decrepit now, after years of disuse.