Does Discourse cache our photos?

Link here:

Dippy me, who may need to see the eye doctor, didn’t see the “parody” on the “Trump tweet”.

As I do, I uploaded the pics to my Flickr account and pasted the URL’s here. It was after the SDMB edit window when I noticed the ‘parody’, clearly written bottom-left.

Anyway, neither not wanting to spread disinfo nor bothering a mod, I decided to delete the photos from my Flickr account, thinking doing so would remove them here.

But that didn’t happen as @Smapti saw them a mere hour ago and commented on them. I saw them as well but had assumed some caching thing w/ my phone, but that’s apparently not the case.

I checked my Flickr account to see if I had done something wrong, but as far as I can tell they are gone.

Oddly enough, as I am typing this, when I look at the post preview, it shows Imgur links, not Flickr*.

Anyway… any ideas, theories, answers, solutions?

*ETA: still does, now this is posted.

When you actually check the source of the image, it shows that it’s from Flickr. It just has the alt text set to “[Imgur]” for some reason. (The alt text is what appears when an image can’t load). It appears to be a mistake.

If I had to guess, they probably reused the code they use to parse images from Imgur on other image hosting sites, and forgot to name it.

What I do know is that the SDMB did not get the image hosting or caching plan. This came up when trying to figure out why scrolling up can get jerky.

I still see them there (and this is the first time I’ve seen the thread), but if I click on them to go to the flickr page, they’re gone. Based on that, I’d say they’re cached somewhere (I assume here). Give it a day and see if the go away. Make sure to refresh the page.
Other than that, you could flag a mod and have them removed.

Thanks for the quick responses!

Will consider a mod flagged with this thread, but I still thought this behavior should be noted. You’re probably right about it being a temp server cache, now the question is… just how temporary?


Here’s the actual code for the first image (in the actual thread):

<img src="" title="20221104_105410" alt="Imgur" height="391" width="690" loading="lazy" style="aspect-ratio: 690 / 391;">

That staticflickr part in the URL says the image is loading from Flickr, not Imgur.

Sounds like Flickr is caching the image. And probably a low-detail version thereof.

I’d be a bit surprised if their caching system is smart enough to kill the cached version just because you deleted the original. I’d sooner believe it’ll age off after enough time goes by without any browser anywhere downloading it.