Does downloading the latest version of Visual Studio Dot Net destroy EM?

Enterprise Manager? This is a tool I use constantly to examine remote tables. But I’ve seen somewhere (or someone told me, maybe) that downloading the free version of Visual Basic with Visual Studio will wipe out Enterprise Manager.

Now, I have SQL Server, what 2003 or so?, downloaded, but NOT installed on my computer. In the installation process, I selected to install only EM (and similar tools, like Query Analyzer.)

I simply cannot afford to lose EM. Does anyone know whether this is rumor or fact?

Can you give us a link to this rumour? I’ve certainly never heard that this is the case. Enterprise Manager is a component of SQL Server 2000; SQL Server 2005 and up have a similar tool called Management Studio, which combines the functionality of Enterprise Manager and Query Analyser.

Your post is a little vague as to exactly what you have downloaded but not installed. There is no SQL Server 2003; there is, however, a Visual Studio 2003, which is what I’m assuming you have. Installing that should not, as far as I’m aware, install any SQL Server components that will destroy the functionality of EM. You can also, incidentally, connect to, manage and run queries against a SQL Server 2000 server using Management Studio 2005 or 2008.

Thank you! That’s great news!

No, unfortunately the “rumor” was forwarded to me by IM. But you’re right. It’s SQL server 2000 that I have, and Microsoft is offering Visual Studio for free in the language of your choice. It just all seems too good to be true.

And yes, I have Visual Studio 2003 (what they call version 1.1). But I want to download the new stuff, and if Management Studio will connect to SQL Server 2000 and run queries on it, and be a combination of EM and QA, that would be great!