Does eliminating H Pylori make you feel better?

I recently had an upper GI endoscopy for gnawing stomach pain. I was already taking ranitidine for reflux, and had been for several years.

I tested positive for H Pylori and also apparently have Barret’s and some metaplasia.

I go next week for followup and will be treated for the H Pylori.

One thing I can’t seem to find on Google is whether or not eliminating H Pylori results in improvement of symptoms.

Has anyone had it treated and felt better after? Or is this just a preemptive strike against ulcers and stomach cancer?

Thanks to anyone who has gone through this and can share the results.

Yes, it does improve symptoms. It did in my case, anyway. I was treated for H. Pylori about 10 years ago. It took 2 attempts to kill it, though. I don’t know what the treatment is now but, back then, IIRC, I had to take a crapload of pills over a period of like a week. For the second attempt, I was given a stronger set of pills. That did the trick and my acid reflux went away completely. Obviously, you still have indigestion every once in a while like everyone else but it’s nothing like the daily basis (and forget to take your pills) version.

I was also treated about 10 years ago and, yes, it did improve my symptoms.

Thanks guys, that is good to know. I am uncharacteristically happy to be going to the doctor now. :slight_smile:

I had an duodenal ulcer for years and eventually got tested (positive) for H. pylori. This was back in the 90s, although the ulcer dated from years earlier. While getting rid of the bug did eventually improve my symtoms, it took several years before it was apparent to me.

I’ve had a couple of upper GI scopes (and 6 or so of the other end) due to years of reflux symptoms. No H. pylori (and they did test both times) so I can’t answer that… but DID want to comment on the Barrett’s / metaplasia.

I’d bet they will prescribe a proton pump inhibitor e.g. Prilosec, Nexium or whatever to reduce the chances of that progressing. That’s a different class of meds than ranitidine. You may find they also want to redo the scope every year or so to monitor the Barrett’s.

6 years back, I had my first upper GI due to some stomach issues; they did a colonoscopy while I was under (at my request). Upper = fine, lower = precancerous stuff, so I was very glad I went in when I did - and made my husband schedule HIS north-and-south session.

In his case, south = fine, north = Barrett’s. It means he’s on a proton pump inhibitor for life, and gets scoped every 2ish years.

Most people at some point in time in their life will get H Pylori.

Did the doctor find out where you got H Pylori from?