It's official, I've got an ulcer.

Anyone had experience with them? I know that there are basically two types, those caused by your own stomacha nd those caused by some kind of bacteria. I’m going to the doctor today to discuss what kind I have and what the treatment is, just figured I’d ask the people here first.

I can’t really help you but I wanted to offer my condolences. Now you’ve got an ulcer to go with everything else.

You’ve really been having a hell of a time lately, haven’t you?

Good luck.

Treatment has changed a lot so my experience won’t be relevent. I had a full blown ulcer when I was four years old. Some things don’t change but at least the Barium solution you have to drink is flavored now. I wish you best of luck with your treatment.

My husband had a bleeding ulcer several years ago; I think it was in his stomach lining. He had to make some comparatively minor long-term alterations to his diet, and some more in-depth short-term ones (a somewhat “bland food” diet). He was also put on what was then a prescription-only acid-affecting drug, but has gone OTC since; I can’t remember if it was Pepcid or a different drug.

I’ll ask him when I get home tonight, if you like. He didn’t require any more interventional treatment, though his discovery of it was rather shocking - he woke up very cold, and had black tarry (blood-containing) bowel movements. A quick trip to the ER later, a barium (I think) shake, and a thorough work-up, and they told him that if he’d waited much longer he could have had a much more serious result.

Have never had an ulcer, and don’t know much about them, so I’m no help. Just wanted to voice some support, and wish you well, welby. Take care of yourself, feel better!

It wasn’t when I drank some in July. :mad:

I’ve got ulcers in the esophagus, and they suck big time. No one ever really told me to change what I eat, I’ve been to two doctors, except to stay away from caffeine and ascitic stuff like orange juice. I take some sort of antacid now but couldn’t tell you what because I had to go through so much BS with my insurance.

Here’s what I’ve learned, or at least it works for me. I have to stay away from fried onions, I don’t like them anyway but they really upset me. I eat a lot slower now, I should probably eat even slower but I don’t. I stay away from a lot of spices now since they seem to upset me. I drink nothing but water any more, with some tea and the rare beer, that’s it. I’m an idiot and keep forgetting to take my meds.

Hope yours come out better then mine do.

The bacterial infection causes something like 80-90% of all ulcers.

2 weeks of antibiotics and you’re good to go.


I suspect if it isn’t bacterial it will be viral. – Haven’t been able to find journal artices about viral links to ulcers but that’d be my guess.

Yep, IIRC they are pretty easy to get rid of these days.

Good luck, and stay away from indian food for a spell.

I’m currently under treatment for a stomach ulcer.
I’m currently taking a prescription dose of Zantac twice a day. My doctor want’s to see if this clears up the problem before moving on to antibiotics.

I have to say that as long as I take my medication I’m MUCH better. I can now even skip a day without much discomfort. I am not however cured.

I have a follow up visit in a month at which time my doctor and I will decide if we need to take more drastic measures or if I stay on the Zantac, although being permanently on medication at the age of 35 doesn’t make me comfortable.

My stepdad has a history of ulcers, and a few weeks ago he had a medication-induced duodunal ulcer. There’s no pain with those but he noticed the blood when he was in the bathroom. Thank God he knew the symptoms and knew he had to get to a hospital ASAP. They pumped a bunch of crap out of his stomach and he was in the hospital for four days.

He’s been through the antibiotics, which helped him a TON, but he has some permanent digestive problems anyway.

Barium solution may be nasty, but a nasalgastric tube is worse. I promise. :slight_smile:

So it’s not as bad as I feared. The doc has me on some pretty heavy anti-biotics (4 grams/day) and has given something to control the stomach acid. After the AB cycle we’ll look at the problem more and decide if there is a need for a more serious treatment method. Looks like he probably caught it early, which is a plus in my book for the doctor.

Thanks for all the information though. Dopers kick ass.

If you’ve got the kind caused by bacteria (heliobacter pylori, you’re in luck (for certain values of “luck.”) Those are pretty easily treated with antibiotics, probably the ones you’re taking now.

I suffered for YEARS with refractory indigestion/heartburn. I didn’t ever actually have an ulcer, but I was tested for the bacteria just in case. That wasn’t my problem, alas. So I had resigned myself to taking various kinds of anti-acid medications for the rest of my life.

Then I changed my diet and the heartburn went away, pretty much. I still have a hiatal hernia and am susceptible to heartburn if I eat the wrong things, but I’m Feeling Much Better now.

Good luck and best wishes with the tummy!

I had a perforated ulcer when I was ten years old that was pretty much caused by a hyperacidic condition brought on by worrying so much. I was a little high strung. After two weeks in hospital but no operation, I was placed on a bland food diet for 6 months and had to take Maalox twice a day. My stomach healed and a bit of counselling got me to worry less.

These days my stomach is cast-iron and I frequently eat things that are too hot for all my friends. But I developed a deep and abiding love of Macaroni and Cheese during that 6 months. Not everything bland has to taste bad.

Good luck.