the care and feeding of a brand new gastric ulcer

I’ve never had to worry about eating anything before. I have never weighed more than about 195# and that extra 10 pounds wasn’t hard to take off.I love tacos chilli and beer.
After a bout of the worst heartburn I’ve ever had, a trip to the doctor, an Upper GI and some pills I guess I had better change my diet.
So where do I find sensible information on diet and other stuff I ought to know?

Um, from your doctor?

If you’ve been diagnosed with an actual ulcer (as opposed to “just” severe heartburn), you should know that ulcers are now known to be caused by a bacterial infection, and should be treated with antibiotics. If your doctor is giving you the “avoid stress and eat bland foods” advice, he’s about ten years behind the times.

Like Lumpy said. However, without doing a gastroscope it’s pretty hard to confirm an ulcer and the symptoms of non-ulcer gastritis are pretty similar. You can do breat tests to confirm the presence of H. pylori (a bacteria often associated with ulcers) but lots of people have this normally without problem.

The usual advice is to try the following. Avoid large meals, eat several smaller ones a day. Sleep on several pillows. Stop smoking. Cut down on caffiene, and none after 6pm. Cut down on aspirin and spicy and acidic foods. Try taking an antacid before bedtime. An if things don’t improve, see your doctor again to rule out something more serious than heartburn given the good medications now available.

Don’t forget alcohol - probably the major cause of chronic gastritis.

Unless of course your stomach tests negative for the H.Pilori bacteria - my dad’s did.

Anyhow - all I know is to avoid milk - apparently it’s difficult to digest.