Does Elin Woods have an accent?

Inspired by South Park’s season premiere, which had her talking almost like the Muppets Swedish Chef, does she have any kind of an accent? Or did she learn English well enough to not?

The only way she would not have an accent would be if she learned english from native speakers before the age of 15. Since she did not move to the US until adulthood, it can be assumed she speaks with an accent, though probably somewhat less than the swedish chef.

Someone’s going to say it, so let’s get it out of the way: “everybody has an accent.” Whether she has a noticeable Swedish accent, I don’t know. I’m trying to find some interview footage online, but I haven’t turned up any so far.

Either way, her accent doesn’t reflect on how good or bad her English is. Like puddleglum indicates, speech habits are formed pretty early and they are not easy to overcome if you learn a new language later in life. That’s a separate issue from fluency.

I have never heard her speak, but I can only hope that she does not sound anything like her father. He has a talk show on radio and I just can’t stand his voice or the way he talks.

I don’t know if she speaks with a Swedish accent, but I just want to thank the OP for reminding me to set my DVR to record this episode. :slight_smile:

This animated YouTube clip suggests she has a mild accent, but I haven’t found any of her speaking so they may have just guessed about it.

I think we are getting ahead of ourselves. No one has even proved that she can speak at all yet.

Sorry to ask an off-topic question, but why is her name pronounced Eel-in?

Because it’s Swedish, and not the English name Ellen, which it could be confused with. But I have to wonder if Swedes pronounce it more like AY-lin than like EE-lin.

Is there a cite for that? I’m sure it probably holds true in general, but I know of at least one individual who was monolingual until his early 20s who is mistaken for a native speaker of a second language (Hungarian) by Hungarians. The only accent native speakers notice is an Eastern Hungarian accent, which is, incidentally, where he learned the language.

That’s actually just a pretty standard computer generated voice, and no hint of a Swedish accent in it.

There may be exceptions, but most people have their accents "fixed’ before the enter puberty. It’s thought that during puberty, one’s ability to hear (and to copy) sounds you weren’t exposed to is severely limited. Here’s one cite for that.

I’m not skeptical about the fact that most people have their accents fixed at an early age. I’m just not convinced that it’s not something some individuals can pick up later in life.

Swedish pronunciation is Eeh-lin (long, soft E).

Sure. There are always outliers, but for the vast majority of people, it’s impossible to fully lose their accents after age “x”. That is a fact.

Like I said, I don’t disagree with that. The quote was “the only way she would not have an accent would be if she learned english from native speakers before the age of 15.” I was disputing that. From my experience, it seems possible to learn a language into adulthood and acquire a native accent.

Her accent is inversely proportional to yardage and club selection.

CMC fnord!

Well, I for one sure hope she has an accent. I mean, she’s sexy as all get-out, but a nice little Swedish accent would be some sweet icing on that cake! :smiley:

Perfect bullshit. I had an American accent in my Swedish (I’m bilingual) until age 19, when I made a conscious effort to remove it (through speech therapy). Accent was removed by learning to first hear and then pronounce similar but different sounds in respective language (a typical example being ‘R’, which is soft in English but hard and rolled in Swedish).

I’m not exceptional.

I don’t know if exceptional is the right word, but you are unusual. Maybe it doesn’t take any special skill to learn. Maybe it just takes a special coach/coaching method. Whatever it is, there are quite a lot of people who not only don’t do it, but don’t think it is possible.

What I do know is that I can hear the difference quite easily in how I pronounce any other language and how they do it, but I lack any skill to change my pronunciation. Any attempts to affect the accent comes off sounding even weirder. I find that this isn’t unusual.