Does every country issue coins?

Are there any countries that only have paper money?

Based on the huge volume of brand new paper money I received for $20US in Cambodia, I would think that coins wouldn’t be worth much of anything there. This page confirms that there are no coins issued.

After spending months in Cambodia on 3 trips, I can confirm there are no coins.Even though paper American dollars are the default currency.

For a number of years, Vietnam issued only paper money. Just about two (maybe three) years ago, they again began issuing coins.

When I was in Romainia two years ago they did have coins, but they never used them. I had a hard time getting some coins as I collect them. I finally found someone at a hotel who had a couple. I believe they only had three. I’m not sure what they are doing now as I was told they were going to change their money around a bit.

Thanks for the replies.

If Cambodia will accept American paper dollars, will they also accept American coins? Did Cambodia ever have a coin?

I’ll have to check into Romainia’s (is that how it’s spelled?) plans. I’m hoping to get a number of new coins from each country.

Is there an official Antarctic coin? I’m guessing not. For that I figure I’ll used coins from the countries that have made claims to the land, or ice?!

Countries in Francophone Africa (such as Mali) use CFA, which is paper currency.

The shops all wanted US dollars, not Riels. But the money was fairly pretty, and made for some nice gifts to folks back home. :slight_smile:

Syria doesn’t have coins. Azerbaijan issued it’s first coins in January 2006

So, no coins for Francophone African countries (I’ll have read up on what that means, I’ve never heard of Franchophone anything!)

No coins for Cambodia

Hard to find coins for Romania

Blast! This is really going to mess up my fantastic art project.

Not true. CFA coins from the Central Bank of west Africa. And better pictures from a collector.

Email me, I think I could help you out with a Romanian coin or two. I should have a few from when I was there. They were worth maybe a penny or two at most.

Francophone means French-speaking.

Algeria, Ivory Coast, and a few others.

Yes. There are lots available on eBay.

French isn’t the/an official language in Algeria (contrarily to several sub-saharian countries).

The countries of Vatican City and S.M.O.M. don’t exactly have the wherewithall to mint or print currency.

Vatican City mints its own euro coins. I gather they’re quite the collector’s item.

I never saw any coins when I was in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo again) in 1993. But at that time a 1,000,000-zaire note was worth about $1.00 US.

Almost all the countries mentioned above have made coins during the period from 1950-2005. Not every year, not always so you could find them, but most made these coins. They were of such low value, that it wasn’t economical to continue to produce them, so they went obsolete quickly.

Given enough time I could find you some coins you need. Just from my stock in the store. Not worth the time, but I"d do it.

My email is visible.

Very low cost.


If you’re interested, I have coins from various countries lying around, particularly Germany and France who now use the Euro.

Also have some old USSR coins and so-called paper money.