Does flash freezing cause a storm of free radicals released in the body?

I read the post on refreezing that mention flash freezing was better than slow or refreezing in the case of cell rupture of the meat or vegitables; I would like to know about the damage that may be done to the cells of my body.
I read an artical that said flash freezing released a free radical storm in the body. Would like more than one source to verify this is true.

Damage to biological molecules during freezing (not flash-freezing) is partly due to production of free radicals. I’ve never heard, can’t find, and find hard to believe any claim that flash freezing produces more free radicals than slow freezing, which is a horrifically damaging process for anything made of cells. I find it similarly hard to believe that your body would somehow “know the difference” and produce free radicals in response to eating something that was flash frozen and thawed.