Does flour get old?

I do not have much cause to use flour when I cook but, once in a while, I need it.

I have my flour in a container that seals pretty well. That said, the flour in there is nine months old.

Is it still ok to use?

If it goes rancid, you’ll know. Stick it in freezer.

You can get Weevils. But nine months? Mine is 22 years old! I keep it in the fridge, wrapped up tight, and every few years I need some, it seems okay.

It’s unlike to go bad if it’s in a sealed container, but as already mentioned, if it does, you’ll know it. You can refrigerate it if you’re worried about it, but I don’t and have never had a problem. Note that I don’t live in a warm, humid environment if that matters.

Yeah, 9 months is nothing.

I wouldn’t freeze it for that short a time, as the freezer adds its own flavors. Just smell it. If it smells okay, and looks okay, it is okay. If it smells off, you’ll know it. Keep in in the coolest location in your place (basement, low shelf, out of the light, etc. )

Right now, I happen to have a bag of flour that’s well over 7 years old in a sealed plastic container in the basement, and it’s still fine. White flour will typically last much longer than whole wheat flour, because of the lesser oil content (WW has more oil, which goes rancid faster).

-needscoffee, ex-pastry chef

I’m just going to note that whole grain flour, which contains various oils, will go rancid faster than white/refined flour. But either takes considerable time under normal room temperature conditions. Very hot and humid climates may result in quicker deterioration.

Assuming white flour under satisfactory conditions 9 months shouldn’t be a problem. As @needscoffee noted, white flour can last for years if properly stored.

You can store flour in the refrigerator, or in the freezer for even longer-term storage. In the freezer it keeps nigh indefinitely (for most likely time frames) and completely eliminates hatching and growth of potential insect infestations.

Basically, if you open the container and it doesn’t stink or smell fermented and it’s not crawling with critters the flour is fine.