Does hair color really affect a woman's life?

We all know the Blonde jokes, but does it REALLY affect the way people interact with you? I recently had my hair done an amazing shade of red (think Sharon Osborne), and suddenly, I am the center of attention-men want to stop and talk ,women’s eyes light up- or is it my attitude that has changed? I haven’t had this much positive attention since I was 21. What do you think?

It might…I’m not quite sure how I react, but I do know I am more attracted to blondes. Red heads really do nothing for me, oddly enough. If this affects my behavior, I wouldn’t know, I’d have to watch myself on tape or something :wink:

Can’t say… since I’ve always been dark brunette.

But me thinks it’s a change in how you carry yourself… mixed with sticking out more in a crowd.

A bit of both

I would venture to say that, appearance-wise, people are more affected by how your face and body look. But maybe the new shade complements your specific features better.

I find I get the same reaction to you when I go red-the brighter my hair is, the stronger the reaction…but I also think my attitude changes some because I think the color is attractive. So it’s a combination of both things.

Red definitely gets people’s attention.


People stereotype. A blonde may be typed as no brains, a brunette as boring, a redhead as spirited, someone with jet black hair as daring and exotic. (Needless to say, that doesn’t mean all blondes are dumb or every women with dark brown hair is exotic). A women who obviously colors her hair (as opposed to one who discretely colors it - a bottled red in a natural color who has been red long enough to be a “common law redhead,” vs. someone who yesterday was dishwater brown and today has hair a stunning shade of maroon not found in nature) is a risk taker and looking for attention - and what shade you choose to color it cues people as to what kind of attention you want.

Not talking about sex appeal, but I find myself attracted to redheaded women as friends. I’ve always been able to count a natural redhead as one of my best girlfriends. I’ve never had a natural blonde as a close friend. Do I try harder with redheads and discriminate against blondes - probably. On the other hand, I can’t think of a natural blonde female I’ve been really close to in my life (dated several blonde men, though).

It’s all so true.

I’m so perfectly boring.