Does Hillary and perhaps Obama end up hung over Bengazi?

Eric Rush, Whirled Nut Daily, specimen gathered by ThinkProgress

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No, you don’t.

And if you ever try this sort of thing again, leave out lampshade-words like “honestly”.

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Frankly, I think you could strive to
Understand the situation more
Clearly, what’s wrong with seeking
Knowledge as opposed to spouting talking points.

Yeah, I know you can
Only do so much.
Until then, you’re just another

Less than Intellectually Honest

Reading the OP has made me dumber.

Wow. Last I remember, a few months before the election, the right was all enamored with Hillary Clinton. How she would have made a good president instead of Obama.

Is it possible that was just some sort of cynical ruse to try to wedge Democrats during the reelection of Barack Obama? And, now that there is more than a fleeting concern that Clinton will succeed him, they have turned on her?

I find the desperation with which some people are trying to turn this unfortunate event into a top-level conspiracy to be very revealing.

Of course, what it reveals is ultimately valueless, but the process is amusing.

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For obvious reasons I’ve given picker a formal warning for personal insults and an accusation of trolling. There are laws against threatening the president, but I don’t think the OP broke those. Since he’s talking about a fanciful legal proceeding or ‘just deserts,’ I’ll ignore that. This, however, is really obnoxious:

This is essentially an accusation of lying, which isn’t appropriate for this forum.

This is a personal insult. Don’t do it again.

There is already a Pit thread about Benghazi, and I encourage people who would have posted this kind of material to this thread to just go there instead. And smeegoan, this is the part where I tell you to contact the mods about your user names.

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