Does Hillary and perhaps Obama end up hung over Bengazi?

Let’s see, she lied, they covered it up, and honestly I think they murdered that Ambassador, and staff.

Declined to increase security. Lowered security despite the destabilization in the region.

Wanted to ship heat seeking missiles and other arms to their proxy war fighting “rebels” aka “al quaidia” in Syria.

Yes that has been established. We haven’t even seen the light of day of documents or transmissions explaining that. As well as Bush/Cheney’s Lies about Iraq WMD’s.

We need a “reset in .gov” I’m not talking of civil war, but just a voter based reset of the Extreme Right, AND the extreme “left” (they aren’t true liberals, like Thomas Jefferson) They are authoritarian criminals.

For the Kool-Aid drinkers. Choke on that.

You’re wrong.

This is the part where you explain I’m wrong.

You could start by reading the earlier threads where these claims were refuted a dozen times over.

OH!!! you mean the outdated ones that existed before the current congressional hearings and people who risked their lives to come out and explain what went down.

That’s the straight dope.

/me drinks more of the Koolaid.


I see from your well-poisoning that you’re not actually interested in the facts, but what exactly do you think was revealed in this week’s hearing that wasn’t revealed in the eight previous ones?

Actually this is helping Hillary, because it’s nonsense. You did mention something that’s ignored here, Hillary was a terrible Secratary of State, accomplishing nothing in the end and failing to recognize the danger to the embassy in Libya. But that’s just regular old incompetence, something that the GOP generally excels at. By pretending there is some sort of scandal when there is none the GOP is giving Hillary an out for her poor performance. When they bring up Bengazi in the election (assuming she runs) it will be easily dismissable as political CT.

:smack: She refused to increase security, while our own government created a “military” force consisting of Al-Quadia to overthrow a government, simply because the leader was moving to the gold standard… but I digress.

The plan of the administration was to move heat seeking missles to the “rebels” via the embassy. When the amassador didn’t go along with it… they told the military base on the other side of town to “stand down” aka leave those people to DIE.

Two seals didn’t like that and left and tried to help. They died for their actions. Meanwhile the rest of our forces just listened.

If you think this isn’t impeachable, and that Hildabeast shouldn’t do the rest of her life in prison on top of it… I don’t have much hope for this country. The Commander in chief and the Secretary of State murdered American citizens.

Get past your Marxist dreams. Socialist theorys.

Call a spade a spade. These two at the very least should hang by the neck until dead.

What they did was pure evil.

GOP cut funding for embassy security.

Unadulterated bullshit.

I like this part. Testifying is so dangerous.

Do you also believe Hillary murdered Vince Foster?

I always forget just how many unmedicated psychotics are walking around in the world. Threads like this serve to remind me.

I love the image conservatives paint of the situation… Obama is like the bad guy president in a movie talking on the phone with a good guy military general and the general says, “But Mr. President! We have special forces on the ground that can go in and save those Americans! They need us!”, and the evil president says, “No, I said STAND DOWN!”.

I was concerned by some of the allegations in the OP, but then I realized he wasn’t saying that we gave aid to Al Qaeda, but Al Quadia, the Islamic association of quad bike enthusiasts. Those guys aren’t nearly as bad.

Yeah, but it explains the cover-up.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! This thread is going to be awesome!!Don’t you jerks screw this up!

Now, smeegoan22, tell me more about the heat-seeking missiles. How do you know the Ambassador wouldn’t go along with it? Do you think he might have said something like, “Not on my watch,” when he heard about the plot?

Please, please tell me more.

I’m not sure whether you’re talking about Libya or Syria, but in both instances I’m pretty sure that the president and the administration are far more concerned about those countries committing mass murder against their own citizens than some hypothetical plan to go on the gold standard.

If Obama wanted to send weapons to Syrian rebels, he could just do that. It’s not like he’d be breaking a law by doing so. Hell, John McCain and his ilk have practically been champing at the bit for the US to get more involved with Syria.

Also, you’re aware that there is not and never was an embassy in Benghazi, right? The embassy is in Tripoli, 400 miles away. The facility in Benghazi was a diplomatic annex, which Stevens was visiting of his own free will.

  1. There is no military base in Benghazi and never was. The closest US military presence was on the other side of the Mediterranean.
  2. Nobody, at any point, was told to “stand down”. Private contractors were dispatched from Tripoli by plane to secure the airport in Benghazi shortly after the first attack on the annex. There were no other forces that were anywhere close enough to help.

The “two seals” who died at the annex were former military (i.e. civilians) who were employed at the annex as security contractors. They didn’t disobey some government order and ride out to help - they helped because they were already there and that was their job.

Additionally, at the time they died, during the second attack, the ambassador had already been dead for several hours - he collapsed due to smoke inhalation during the first attack and could not be revived after locals carried him to a hospital.

So are we Marxists, or are we socialists? You know those aren’t the same thing, right? Or do you think they’re both just synonyms for “people who disagree with me”?

You clearly have absolutely no idea what it even is you’re supposed to be mad about. This nonsense is so far from the truth that not even the Darrell Issas and Glenn Becks of the world would claim it to be true.

I believe you mean it so far from the truth that they would claim it to be true.

This thread is hillaryious. Thanks OP, for the entertainment!