Does Hotmail do anything to block reported spam?

It sure doesn’t seem so. No matter how many times I report the spam I am getting, I keep getting more, and from the same damn senders. It is times like this that I wished that hell wasn’t some religious fantasy, becuase surely all the spammers would burn someday…

I’m on hotmail and it works for me. Once i report something as spam, it goes straight to my junk folder for evermore.

I use Hotmail as well, and at several points got brassed off with the amount of apparently repeat spam. It seems to have its busy and quiet periods, though. And the spammers are crafty and can work their way around spam blockers. Like One And Only Wanderers, mine ends up as junk, anyway. No worries.

Mine keep coming back. How many times do I have get mail from “Legal Advice” or “DirtyPicMan” before dumbass hotmail gets the idea?!?

I use gmail, highly recommend, spam is not an issue. Saves everything, huge storage and has a search feature which is the easiest way to find some long ago correspondence. Also has an in house chat feature, etc. Very intuitive for this Luddite.

Yes, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to change my E-mail. Just a big PITA. Public stoning should be the remedy for spammers. I would throw the first rock. I have had this account for YEARS and suddenly the spammers have discovered the gold mine that is my short flaccid penis :rolleyes:

I have several email accounts, business, personal, throw away for all those “perceived as crazy,” but I have them all forwarded to my one main account. Google also lets you choose your return address. Not explaining well. When I reply to a business email, I can choose the business address automatically in my reply, even though I am in my main account that the business email has been forwarded to.

I have gmail too, which Anaamika kindly invited me to, and it still needs to build up its spam-busting capability. Remember, even though it’s so widely used, it’s still in beta distribution, and needs to gather more spam data to be really effective. I still get gmail spam every day. By zapping it as “spam” I’m contributing to building up gmail’s spam database.

It’s like standing at the shore ordering the tide to stop coming in…

When I became a co-moderator of a Yahoo group, suddenly several spams started arriving in my gmail inbox every day, all for computer stuff. Turns out that spammers simply address it to “owner@…” any group name.