Does it Hurt to Lift Weights if You Have Arthritis?

My wife was diagnosed with arthritis a while back and she said her doctor said she couldn’t lift weights. I have heard doctors tell alot people not to exercise but people still do and alot of times it makes them(their problems) better.

I am not saying the doctor wrong on this but I would like second opinion if anyone has one. And don’t worry about listing disclaimers you have my word I won’t sue.


It’ more like carpal tunnel, or other repetitive stress problems. You’re not strengthing the muscles and bones as much as you are straining them.

More varied, whole body exercises are in order, like swimming.

No, it doesn’t hurt you to lift weights if you have arthritis. It depends on what kind of arthritis you have, how bad it is, how heavy the weights are, how many repetitions you do, and whether you know enough to stop when you’re ahead.

You have to be cautious about putting too much stress on your joints.

And finally, the “Exercise for Arthritis” website.

How old is your wife? Are we perhaps looking at a bit of “ageism” here, on the doctor’s part? Such as, “Old ladies with arthritis shouldn’t lift weights.”

I found all this just from a Google search for “arthritis lift weights”. If your wife’s doctor is a good doctor, he won’t be threatened by “something you found on the Web”. If he IS threatened by it, maybe you need to look for a different doctor.

Also, bear in mind that maybe your wife enjoys having a “doctor’s excuse” to get out of lifting weights. You’re not nagging her about this, are you? :wink:

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You are good. :wink: and LOL. I had to read this to her and she had to laugh too. Anyway, she said she had rumatoid(sp) arthritis and she is 33. Also thank you for all the good info.

My mother has osteoarthritis in her hands, and she has a hard time lifting weights. However, it’s because she can’t grip the weights very well. Her doctor tells her to do what she can, but if it hurts to stop.