Does Jam Freeze? (A candymaking Q)

I’ve been folling around with candymaking, and see, I have this truffle mix flavored with Chambord, and I wanted to have it have a rasberry center. So, I put a little dollop of jam in a piece of saran wrap and stuck it in the freezer so it could get nice and solid and thereupon get rolled up into a truffle.

(this method had previously worked brilliantly with slightly too-soft caramel, and also in making a Nutella-filled chocolate)

Checked the jam blobs this morning… still really squishy. The Nutella blobs had frozen solid in the same time. So… does jam freeze or what? This jam is no-preservative, no artificial anything Red raspberry preserves I bought at the farmer’s market. The ingredients are rasberries, sugar, water, and pectin.

Am I out of luck?

Fooling, I mean. sigh

Yeah, jams can freeze. At least, my mom’s freezer jams always did. But they still have a kinda ice-cream like fluidity.

Okay, lemme rephrase that. Will jam ever freeze solid, or at least solid enough that it can be wrapped up in another firm substance, such as chocolate truffle?