Does KFC really sell mutant chicken?

Does KFC really sell mutant genetically engineered chicken? I’ve heard they grow them headless, without feathers, and with six breast each. And is the reason they call themselves KFC and not Kentucky Fired Chicken is because they can’t legally call what they sell chicken?


Oh and to answer the OP…no.

Short answer is No. KFC still sells chicken. is a great source for checking out these sorts of claims. That link will take you directly to the KFC story.

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That is the craziest thing I have ever heard! They changed the name because Kentucky wanted money for using the name.

Mmmmm… Mutant chicken.

Xythero, you’re obviously new here, so this will probably be the first of many lessons you learn on the boards.

There’s a little web page we’re awfully fond of on the SDMB called Well, it’s actually the Urban Legends Reference Page, but isn’t Snopes much catchier?

Anyway, what you’re talking about is a popular urban myth and Snopes has addressed it here:

So don’t be afraid to get that 12-piece bucket with a side of mashed potatoes and slaw. It ain’t good for you, but it’s the real deal.

Well geez, that was a post clusterfark if I ever saw one.

Snopes has dealt with this exact rumor indeed:

From the link already posted:


is an Urban Legend that Snopes was (inadvertantly) guilty of perpetuating.

They used to have a section of their site devoted to wildly improbable legends that they listed as “True” as a joke. One of them claimed that the State of Kentucky registered its name as a trademark in order to charge people for its use, leading Kentucky Fried Chicken to change its name to KFC to avoid royalties and the Kentucky Derby to change its name to Run For The Roses for the same reason.
It Was A Joke.
Kentucky never attempted to “license” its name (and probably could not if it wanted to).

I have not seen that section on the reorganized Snopes web site, but I don’t know whether or not they removed it.

Hijack: did you know KFC is pressure cooked in grease?
I am in awe of the FIVE separate posts that referenced Snopes w/regard to the OP.

Has anyone checked Snopes yet?

I did, but I couldn’t find anything. Come someone provide a link?

Of course KFC sells mutant chickens. The paltry poultry I cook at home never tastes that good. KFC is a sick habit that I indulge once or twice a year, but it’s clear that the chickens are infused with some opiate-euphoric mix. I think the animals themselves have bones when they’re alive, though…

Bwahahahaha!!! Good one

Heh. Give a man a link, you educate him for a day. Give Dopers Snopes, and you get Mongolian Clusterposting for the rest of GQ’s natural existence.

KFC: Better Living Through Chemistry
Dow: I feel like chicken tonight!


my first (and last) fast food job was at KFC many moons ago. The chicken’s the real deal, and comes in big cardboard boxes (about 40 lbs if I remember) pre-cut from a local food distributor. Yep, it sure is pressure cooked in grease. We had this big honkin’ industrial cooker that would cook (no lie) about 20 whole chickens (in pieces) at once. Mmmm…

Can you think of a better way to cook headless, beakless, talonless chicken-like genetically engineered organisms?

Damn, reading this thread is making me hungry. Too bad the popcorn chicken is off the menu. [Homer]Mmmm, pressed and deep fried scraps and floor sweepings, aagglah! [/H]
Derleth, you’re a poet. :smiley:

Bah! You don’t even need snopes to dispute the claim. Just walk into a KFC and all over the menu is the word “chicken” this and “chicken” that.

Kat: Whereas McDonald’s uses Bif-brand Artifical Protein Agglutinate Product. Of course, Bif is an Argentinian product, so the vowels are given Spanish values.

BTW, has anyone heard of McDonald’s greatly streamining its menu? It’ll take on Pepsi as a partner and reduce its menu to two burgers. Of course, this radical change will have to be ingrained in the public’s psyche somehow, so the advertising wizards have come up with a new ad slogan for McDroids to repeat on a continuous loop throughout the day:

“Hamburger. Chizburger. No Coke. Pepsi.”

This will have the side effect of improving employment opportunities for minority groups from obscure European nations.