Does lightning make the grass grow faster?

One of my co-workers just told me that grass grows faster after a lightning storm…moreso than after a rain storm. He said something about nitrogen increasing after a lightning storm. However, I think this is a major load since a significant amount of the atmosphere is N2 and to my knowledge the only side effect from lighting is O3 (ozone). And I can’t really see a lightning strike increasing the N2 in the ground. Which one of us is right? And if the Nitrogen is increased how does it work?

Lightning does fix nitrogen by producing small amounts of ammonia, but it’s really not all that significant. What makes the grass grow faster after a storm is the accompanying rain.

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Though I have my doubts as to it making the grass grow faster right off the bat.

I think lightning accounts for about 10% of annual nitrate production, so it’s not insignificant either.

:smack: I thought the grass grows faster right before the storm