does male heterosexual interior decorators exist ?

This profession seams to be crowded with homosexuals. I have never heard that a straight man had this profession.
Ever heard about a gay carpenter ?
What’s you impression :confused:

I believe all of the male designers on TV’s Trading Spaces are straight. Some even have wives.

As for carpenters, I don’t know any gay male carpenters personally, but I do know two lesbian carpenters.

So… What’s the next 1950’s stereotype you need clarification on?

Yes, of course there are. In this recent thread, I mentioned Frank Bielec from Trading Spaces, who’s been married for years, and despite some stereotypical gay “mannerisms” appears to be as straight as the fabulous stripes on his walls.

I have a friends who’s a gay carpenter, but he doesn’t have a web site, so you’ll have to trust me on that one.

Me impression is yes. Male heterosexual interior decorators does exist. Me roommate once were this and also like lady.

The seams are crowded with homosexuals? Those darned fringe homosexuals.

I have not heard the one about the gay carpenter, please share.

Me impression you not know good English.

I did my own interior decorating, came out pretty good if you like the austere rustic poverty look. I’m straight.

Laurence Llewellyn Bowen is happily married and as far as I know, heterosexual, despite sounding, dressing, talking, and generally posturing and acting in a manner that is many people’s idea of stereotypically ‘gay’.

Well, after Vern left… :wink:

but the other male designers on the other TLC and HGTV shows are mostly straight and some of the carpenters are flamers. :smiley:

Just one.

And another.

My boyfriend isn’t an interior designer, but he has plans for when we buy a house. He understands color contrasts and blending and all of that crap that’s totally beyond me. Obviously, he’s straight. He also knows how to apply makeup to a female face (not so much men, but I have a feeling he could figure it out) and make them not look like a total whore.

Wheras one of my best friends is gayer than gay and uses heavy machinery for a living.

Anecdotal evidence, yes, but…there’s at least one straight guy that gets interior designing (he wants us to shop at Ikea! WTF?) and one gay heavy equipment operator (no levers, either).


Well, back in the 1800’s there was Edward Carpenter.

And currently, gay Republican Oregon State Senator Chuck Carpenter .

Interior designer is not the same thing as an interior decorator. The former is a branch of architecture, and in many states must be licensed.

Not to mention Wisconsin’s very own openly gay state senator, Tim Carpenter.

So the more pertinent question in this thread, then, is where do straight interior designers/decorators pick up (typically) gay mannerisms? I mean, they’re gay mannerisms, not interior designer mannerisms? Pretty soon the gays will be getting into trouble for hitting on straight men or something (wasn’t that a South Park Episode theme involving [sorry] crab people of some sort???)

I know a gay carpenter and a gay plumber. The carpenter does very good work.

Now as an aside. I have a gay friend who hooked up, some 30 years ago, with the love of his life, a guy no one would ever pick out as being gay. They moved in together and one thing they said was, “Nobody is going to accuse us of being decorators, okay? We are not decorators. It’s a stereotype and we don’t fit. We’re doing the Value Village/salvation army/parent castoff thing, and that’s it. No decorating. okay?”

They then proceeded to take this as a theme. Value Village/Salvation Army/castoff with a vengeance, and yes, it looked decorated. I figured they couldn’t help themselves.

Then they bought an old Victorian which they restored to its Victorian glory, to the point where the Methodist women’s group started doing tours on the third Wednesday of each month.

Then they moved to a ranch. Rustic, horse pictures, bear rug. I haven’t seen their latest place but they designed and built the whole place themselves. (I mean they did most of the work. They hired bricklayers and electricians and things.)

So much for the stereotype, eh?

Not really a General Question as no factual answer is likely.

Moved to IMHO.

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I gave a factual answer.

With cites and everything!

Oh well, I just can’t bring myself to care much. :smiley:

If I where you, I would question his sexual orientation :confused:

Not sure that this counts, but a guy from my old church when I was in high school billed himself as an interior decorator, and is very straight. Unlike most decorators I know, he did the painting/drywall/whatever construction work, instead of being the idea guy.