Does masturbation affect testosterone levels?

After some googling, I can’t seem to find any conclusive answers one way or the other. Therefore I am putting the question to the only people I trust to make sense of it all: Does masturbation increase or decrease testosterone levels?

No, it doesn’t. Sperm does not equal testosterone.

Not sure if the show “Manswers” is worthy of being cited in the SDMB. But, at least according to them, masturbation (or sex) does not effect testosterone levels.

That’s true. And sperm does not equal semen.

Thanks for answers!

I’m guessing the answer is true for both men and women.

Research I did this morning in the medical journals seems to indicate that while testosterone influences the desire for males to masturbate, it does not appear to work the other way around.

IANAD, but a quick wiki search suggests orgams may decrease testosterone.

From the wiki on orgasm:

From the wiki on prolactin.

I have no idea how this translates to measurable quantities, but it seems as if at least some connection must exist if wikipedia can be trusted.

I made the same discovery. At least, that abstinence increases amounts of testosterone in the blood.

Abstinence spikes testosterone levels on the seventh day, but returns to baseline afterward. (PubMed Abstract: The relationship between ejaculation and serum testosterone level in men)

I found nothing on intercourse frequency and testosterone levels, so either no one has run a comparison study or I just couldn’t find it. Most of the articles about testosterone have to do with therapeutic treatment attempting to restore normal function in hypogonadal males.