Does Michael Moore have bodyguards?

Many of the self-important Hollywood types have their own security staff. Does Michael Moore? Is his security staff armed?
How does he justify that, given his hatred of guns?
I think there is an actual yes/no answer to this, which is why I put it in GQ.

Some quick searches haven’t suggested that he has any bodyguards, which also fits my impression of him. So I guess he doesn’t have to justify it.

Also, I don’t think he hates guns. At least that’s not the impression I got from Bowling for Columbine. He mentioned several times how Canadians have loads of guns and don’t kill each other all the time, so it’s not the guns, it’s the killing.

Moore’s a lifelong member of the NRA, and has medals for his shooting skills when younger. Did you actually see Bowling for Columbine?

Anyway, I’m guessing he might be engaging in the hire of some bodyguards after the other night.

No, actually I did not. But everytime I’ve heard him or seen him on TV he comes across as Sara Bradys love child.

I saw it Sunday, and I totally forgot about that. You’re right. At least I was right about his not hating guns.

He does not come across as pro-gun. Are you saying he opposes gun bans (aka 1994 assualt weapon ban)

I am simply refuting this statement of yours:


Dunno if he has body guards, but lord can that guy use a mouthguard.