Does NYC Still Dump Sewage Sludge at Sea?

Years ago, I saw a documentary, that showed how NYV disposed of sewage sludge. The pumped it into ships that had big tanks on board, with bottom doors that could be opened to the sea. these ships went out about 200 miles (past the continental shelf), and dumped the sludge.
Is this still done?

No, NYC ended the practice in 1992, after ocean dumping was banned by a 1988 federal law.
Wiki states it is disposed of on land now - I recall for a while it was being hauled to Texas in containers on intermodal trains, for processing into fertilizer IIRC.

Amazing what they used to dump at sea. My father, who was an army officer, supervised the loading of out-of-date ammunition from trains onto a ship, which took it out to sea and tipped it over the side. This was back in the 1950s and I assume that it is still there, happily rotting away.

I do not doubt this, but why, when there is a big train derailment, it is always oil tankers, or petrochemicals, or other toxic cargo, and not something like this sewage sludge? That would be something to see! :eek:

Thank God Walt, Jesse, and Todd got the right car.

Absolutely. “Brown” crystal just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I don’t think the people in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, really appreciated seeing it all that much: Derailment Spills Sludge in Manor

Talk about a crappy situation!