Does OWD stand for Obnoxious White Dumbass? Or SDMB overrun by racists assholes

I think we may have been accidently put on the Bigots Welcome mailing list, what with people putting up stormfront links and multi-colored typing monkeys seeing Mexicans underneath their very bed at night.
It doesn’t look like OWD actually even reads the threads he shits in.

You can keep your sub-species along with your stupid fuck genes.

Hey, I’m a white guy I’ve been called an obnoxious dumbass even… but I sincerely hope I have nothing in common with this jackass.
Where the fuck do these people come from, and are they just trolling or do they honestly believe the ignorant shit they spew?

grendel: That’s not necessarily an “either/or” situation with those morons.

I’m gonna guess that this dude is a troll of the worst kind. And possibly a member of the KKK. If not the KKK maybe a member of one of those nazi groups. ( Or he likes to quietly hate by himself)

It’s a shame that these people are allowed to share our oxygen.


Visual aids to go along with the OP. Like PowerPoint. Heh. :smiley:

…obligatory rant about the unfair association of shit-for-brains posters with legitimate primates…

Hey, this is great! Here I was thinking that I’d have to start the Pit thread after seeing his vomitus in GD, and I wasn’t really feeling too up to the task.

So, my question is: Is racism a type of projection, wherein the racist sees in other races the very traits - laziness, stupidity, intolerance, and sheer asshole-ishness - that the racist possesses in spades? It would explain a lot.

phouka: I think that’s a good way to think of it. Maybe add in the racist’s need to feel superior by reducing the target of the hatred into something sub-human.

Can someone please toss OWD a ball of tinfoil (to match his hat) and once he’s distracted, unplug his computer? Thanks.

phouka, I think it’s more that when the only thing you can take pride in is the color of your skin, you really latch onto it. He may be a shit-for-brains, but at least he’s a white shit-for-brains.

Well, OWD may want to live in a shiny white world, but, thankfully, that ain’t at all what has come to be, through natural disposition, and overall compensation. Great to point out,biggirl, but I hope this crap is a blip on the screen.

::Yawn:: I give more concern to snapping snot off my fingernail, than I do to the likes of OWD.

Why do these guys have to all be the same?

Why can’t we have an intelligent, or original, or thought-provoking bigot if we have to have bigots?

I suspect because that’s a contradictory phrase. I’d just be happy if one of the bigots had other interests besides bigotry. You know, “I’m a bigot and I also like table tennis.” Then he could talk about table tennis.

Hey, don’t insult monkeys like that.

Did someone spill a bottle of Moron Pheremones somewhere?

I think we are in the beginings of an invasion. That 1965 person, the kuku guy, Onset Whitey Dementia, Catlitter Patrol, (secretly wishing he was) jrobinson, Smega Yolk. . …
I’m going to sleep. When I wake up all these seriously inbred, single-celled brain stem wackos will be gone.

A girl can dream, right?

Just don’t get him started on bowling…“The ten WHITE pins, being bowled over by the BLACK ball!! It’s a Jewish plot!”

Don’t think this is possible for two reasons. 1) A bigot who is not really really worked up about his bigotry is not going to put up with the abuse that he will provoke, and will keep it to himself. So for all you know you could already be discussing table tennis with numerous secret bigots. 2) I rather suspect that people will not give an overt bigot much opportunity to discuss table tennis - there will be a disproportionate focus on his bigoted remarks, which would drown out any attempts to discuss anything else.

Yeah, it’s probably not possible, but I can dream. I know here, in other contexts, I run into people who’s political opinions I can’t stand, and I just think, “Wow, this person is the biggest idiot on the planet and I get a headache reading his or her stuff”, then I go to Cafe Society, see they liked “The Godfather”, and say to myself, “Self, anybody who likes The Godfather can’t be all bad.” and have a conversation.

As your run of the mill table tennis playing monkey with snot and KKK ties, I am offended by the bigotry in this thread. How dare you mock the most recent recipient of the Golden Shower Cross of Ignorance and Trolling. Bastards.