Does peeing on your feet kill athletes foot?

I learned this in boyscouts. Is it true?

I don’t know. But I’ve heard if you pee into a washcloth in the morning and wipe your face with it, it’s great against acne. (Honest, I really heard that–never tried it out, though.)

Hmm, how’s that for the first post on these message boards? :slight_smile:

I don’t know - but back when I worked on the river (Mississippi) there were a lot of guys who did it, for that reason.

I’ll bet the scoutmaster was holding you when he said that.:eek:

I don’t know about athlete’s foot, but I heard urine helps relieve the sting caused by sea urchins and jellyfish, any truth to that?

I don’t know if peeing on your feet kills athlete’s foot, but peeing on someone else’s feet might get you killed.

Well, urine contains a lot of ammonia (at least for something out of your body). I can see that being a disinfectant, but I would mainly use it as a preventive measure rather than a cure. It would do a good job of cleaning the outside of your foot, but once it gets in the tissue you need something better designed.

OK, that’s kind of a gross question, but anything goes in the shower, right?

A number of years back I heard somewhere that Madonna suggested this health tip for just this reason. Outwardly I thought it an odd tip, but the idea became so intriguing that, well, lets just say I have never had athelete’s foot since. And in the Army I was in some pretty questionable public showers where you could almost see the little fungi writhing & waiting for some tasty feet.

I heard somewhere that once you get athlete’s foot, you’ll never truly get rid of it (pee or no pee), only get it into remission or something. True?

For the sake of anyone who has to use the shower after you — no, anything does not go in the shower. :mad:

Madonna brought up that piece of trivia as a nonsequitor in an expletive-peppered appearance on David Letterman’s show many years ago.

Yup, there sure is According to the link urine or vinegar will neutralize the nematocysts (stingy bits of a jellyfishes tentical) stuck to your skin after a jellyfish sting.

As I understand, it regresses for a while and during this time if your feet are exposed to the same moist, warm conditions, the fungi will flare up again. But if you avoid such conditions long enough, you should be able to get rid of it completely.

What’s wrong with peeing in the shower, even a public one? Unless you have a urinary tract infection human urine is sterile and quite harmless. Besides it’s all getting washed down the drain anyway. I do the same thing whenever I travel and have to use a public shower, precisely to avoid athletes foot. Just like Matchka I’ve never had althetes foot…

Now if someone were taking a crap in the shower, that’s a whole different issue, and I’m not entirely sure what they’d hope to cure by doing that!


I think Walloon’s imagination is running loose…but, yes, it’s always a good idea to let the shower run for a bit…especially if you doubt the character of the guy who just finished up a “Hollywood” shower.:dubious:

So nobody knows for certain? :frowning:

I’ve always wondered if i was being bullshitted but other people that I have talked to have heard it also.

That’s a good definition of an old wives tale or an urban legend, isn’t it?