Does pineapple cause better tasting...?

I have been told by a few people that pineapple causes better tasting semen, making it more pleasureable for my significant other. Is this just a urban legend floating on the female circuit? (I have had more than one girlfriend come back after talking to her friends trying to force feed me this crap-I hate pineapple). If this is possible, what foods should I force feed myself? What should I avoid?
Because…I would force myself to a pineapple only diet for days if necessary.

The company that makes THIS claims it’s nonsense. But keep in mind they are trying to sell their product.

I have read (though I cannot provide a CITE at this time) that some foods do change the, uh, taste of ones seed. Alcohol, beer expecially:( really is supposed to produce a foul taste.
But I drink beer to excess and never get any complaints.
I’ve got a feeling that it’s kind of like anything else: either they like it or they don’t, and any variation isn’t going to change their mind.

I’ve heard that the other way around - that is, pineapple makes one’s girly parts taste better/sweeter. No personal knowledge of this (I have girly parts myself, but I don’t eat much pineapple), but a friend of mine’s boyfriend swears by it (she tells me).

From experience I’ve discovered that different guys taste different and, to quote Samantha, some guys have funky tasting spunk. But my SO did try the pineapple thing and it seemed to work fairly well–it wasn’t a pina (penis?) colada, but it was definitely less bitter. And you should only have to eat the pineapple a couple of hours before you do the deed–I don’t think you have to become a fruitarian or anything so extreme.

I’d have to guess that it’s easier to get the pineapple chunks into the “girly parts” than into the semen*. YMMV.
*Do you like Semen Colada
And getting caught in the rain?..

I am currently involved in THE definitive scientific study on the matter. MUCH more research is needed in order to formulate a defensible conclusion. I’ll report back when the study is complete. In about 40 years.

By the way, if eating fresh pineapple, stick with the MD-2 variety, marketed under the Del Monte Gold[sup]TM[/sup] label.

From here.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life willing to indulge you in this respect, I say do whatever is necessary to continue the practice! Eat crates of the stuff in necessary!

zoid - who hasn’t been so lucky in about 10 years.

Eating lots of pineapple will eat up the lining of your mouth. Everything in moderation (except the oral pleasuring, of course).

I think the trick is to take your SO on a vacation to Hawaii so you can eat the pineapple fresh.

If you do that, I really doubt you’ll get many complaints–regardless of what you taste like…

Nothing scientific, but from a lot of experimentation, I’ve found that on the hubby, pineapple really does seem to work, and so does parsley. A bowl of pineapple or a handful of parsley a few hours beforehand makes for a relatively pleasant flavor. It’s one way for me to get fruits and vegetables in him. And I have to add that peanut butter makes for a very nasty experience. One peanut butter sandwich and forget it. I’m sure it differs from person to person, but some of my friends have noticed the same thing. Pineapple = very good, parsley = good, peanut butter = ick.

For me, Diet Coke goes straight “down there”. Regular Coke doesn’t do anything, but something about the diet kind works great. A couple of glasses is all it takes. I don’t know if it works on him because he will die of thirst in a room full of diet coke.

I have been to Hawaii and love it, but never really liked the Pineapple. As for the Parsley and Pineapple, I will try them both. How about pouring parsley on pineapple and washing it down with a diet coke? Thanks, all!