Does POTUS Biden believe that he's the smartest in the room?

With the recent flush of instances where the POTUS remarks to reporters that their questions are dumb or that the reporters themselves are stupid, it is apparent that he is losing patience with the press questioning his administration’s actions. Is this arrogance that is coming out? Or is it lack of awareness?

Or is it accuracy?

Right-wing reporters keep acting as trolls, and he keeps calling them out. How is that not fucking awesome?

Fox News’ Peter Doocy is a troll. I’m being polite.

If you’re concerned about presidents being arrogant, just wait until you hear about the guy he took over from.

Does he think he’s the smartest person in the room? I don’t get that vibe from him, and never have.

Does he recognize when he’s talking to an absolute moron? Absolutely he does.

I want my President to act with patience and be open to challenge. Stooping to lowest recent denominator isn’t Presidential.

Biden ran as a reconciler, haven’t seen that much during his first year.

Patient, sure. Open to challenge, sure. But it’s also okay for him to, y’know, tell the truth.

There’s no reconciliation to be had with fascists and trolls who openly argue in bad faith.

A reporter asking a question about inflation is now trolling?

I’m just going to say that I don’t think Biden thought that Fox reporter was the second smartest person in the room.

While campaigning, Biden once told a citizen that he was way smarter than the citizen was, and proceeded to lie about his educational background to prove it. He has also threatened people with violence.

Biden is one of those people who always has to have the best story, be the toughest, the smartest in the room, whatever. He’s not that different from Trump in that way. Biden has a long, long history of lying about his accomplishments and making up claims about his past to make him look smarter or tougher than everyone around him.

Whether he believes it deep down is another matter.

That “reporter” asking that question “about inflation” was trolling.

It’s surprising that you couldn’t tell that.

It was not actually a question about inflation. He asked if inflation was going to be a problem for the president. There was a total absence of any “about” in the question.

Gotta cite or just casting doubt?

Realistically, if Biden were to go around yelling that everyone on the right was a moron, the Democrats would have a much better chance in the upcoming elections than they do now.

The Democrats need to be calling out the stupidity and nonsense. Though, in truth, this year, or '24, has the potential for a third party to gain genuine traction between the venal idiocy of the R party and the impotency of the D party.

Peter Doocy asking about the weather is trolling (and stupid, don’t forget stupid). Hell, you don’t need to hear it from Biden, McCain would have happily explained that to you as well.

The trolling part of that is the implication that ‘inflation’ is a serious concern right now – to normalize it as an issue.

In fact, inflation is a very minor issue right now, given the situation of the economy in these pandemic years. Some inflation is probably good, indicating an economic recovery and optimism spending of consumers.

You never need to be the smartest person in the room to be smarter than Double Doocy unless you are alone in the room with him.