Does pressure on anyone else's pressure points make them nauseous?

I know enough about acupressure to be aware that putting pressure on one’s pressure points is supposed to alleviate nausea, but pressure on mine, especially in my wrists and below my shoulder blades, makes me feel sick to my stomach. That seems to be the opposite of what other people experience… my wrists the most - those motion sickness bands would probably make me throw up.

So anyone else’s stomach commit mutiny when you put pressure on your pressure points? To be clear, I’m not talking about these points being tender or painful, but literally causing your stomach to become upset.

So no one else, huh? My mom’s the same, so it seems to be hereditary.

i believe some points can give a sensation in the affected location. like a point to relieve head ache will give a twinge of head pain if you don’t have a headache.