Does ProActiv really work?

Proactiv the acne fix… Does it really work?
When you stop using it, do you breakout again?

I need some acne help here!!!

It worked fairly well for my aunt; when I tried it though, my breakouts got even worse. I really don’t think it’s worth shelling out $40 bucks for stuff that might not work.

If you’re really having problems with acne, you should see a dermatologist.

AFAIK, the stuff is okay with the FDA because the active ingredient (Benzoyl Peroxide, the same stuff in Oxy Clean) is a known (or approved) acne fighter. They also don’t have any problems because they don’t make any outrageous claims like “ProActiv even treats cystic acne”, (I think that it is cystic acne that is the really, really bad type).

About 10-12 years ago there was a product called Acne Statin on the market that made all sorts of wonderous claims about its ability to fight acne. The company that made the stuff was eventually sued by the FDA (for $2mil, I think) for saying that the stuff would fight cystic acne, using a non FDA approved acne fighter (Salicylic Acid). The stuff is still available, but the claims have been toned down. I used it, and had decent results. The best part of the package was the non-comdogenic (sp?) moisturizer.

Does ProActiv work? Probably it does, just as well as Oxy Clean works, but you are paying for the cleanser and lotions as well. If you have bad acne (bad is relative when it comes to acne, I know) go see a dermatologist as there are prescription drugs available (just beware of accutane).

thanks for the help!

so any acne medication off the shelf along with good lotion should be as good as proactiv…

phew almost used up $40(which is about $75CAN) on this stuff…

My fiancee tried it for a few weeks and it made things worse. She went back to the Mary Kay stuff which works better, though I don’t know exactly what stuff she’s using now.

Don’t waste your money. Didn’t work for me. My advice is to go your doctor. There are very effective remedies avail for stubborn acne but you have to get a prescription. Monocycline and a topical retinal formula called Differerin works fairly well for me. If you want the big guns (e.g. Accutane), you’ll probably have to go to the dermatologist and be prepared to have blood taken weekly. Also, the jury is still out as to whether it causes behavioral changes (e.g. suicidal tendecies). The good news is that you don’t have to take Accutane long for long term results.

Good luck@

I use it, and it works for me. I had mild but stubborn breakouts since puberty, and since I started using it in January my skin has been completely clear. It took only about 2 weeks to start working, too.

When you buy your first “kit,” you can return it for a refund within 60 days if you don’t like it.

but do you have constantly use proactiv?

i just want something that will help with my current ance(not that much just a spot around my temple and eyebrow…)

and stop using once it’s gone…

After making it through my teens with perfect skin, my face decided to completely whack out on me a few months ago. I tried treating it with just Cetaphil (sp?) and oxy 10, but that wasn’t working, so I broke out the big guns. I’ve only been using Proactiv since Friday, and it’s already working. It dries out my skin a whole heckuva lot, so that might be why some people have problems. The instructions said your skin adjusts to the dryness after awhile, but from what the other dopers have to say that might not always be the case.

You do have to use it constantly, though. That’s why they call it (gawd how I hate this word) “proactiv”. It supposedly clears the gunk out of your pores before they cause trouble. Proactiv is on the pricey side, but from what my roommate said, it’s cheaper than anything a dermatologist would give me. Well worth it so far. I think once my skin has completely cleared out I’ll try to step back to using it once a day so it will last longer. Clear skin for the price of a few beers a month ain’t too bad. Good luck!

Yeah, you do have to use it constantly (every day), but since I wash my face every day anyway, it’s not, like, a burden or anything. I haven’t found that it dries my skin out, either, but I know my skin is pretty hardy. YM, of course, MV.

but i don’t want to spend $70CAN(probably more with shipping) to have this stuff in order to wash my face…

i would’ve used it until my acne is gone… then went to regular soap use… or some cleanser…

Just curious what the problem with Acutane is? I’m aware the issues with birth defects when taken by pregnant women, and I know some people have triglyceride/liver problems, but I’ve taken 2 courses of Acutane, and it worked like a charm. Is it a more serious health risk than I thought?

The kid who flew an airplane into a building in Tampa was on Accutane. Of course, no traces of it were found in him after the autopsy, and it’s highly doubtful that it makes you go nuts. Nothing has been proven about the drug, but just the questions around it would make me steer clear.

I’ve used the ProActiv stuff and Tretinoin cream and Tetracycline. The tretacycline gave me heartburn more than anything and the cream was kinda iffy. I’ve found the ProActiv stuff to work pretty well. It’s pricey, but you can get your money back.

This page lists the known issues with Accutane

and of course the thing with pregnancy:

Now, these folks think there is an issue with accutane. Of course when there is a group like that around the lawyers get involved, here is their site. For better or worse, it seems that there are plenty of lawyers who think that there may be grounds for a class action suite.

The only problem I ever had with Accutane was dryness of the skin and eyes (I regularly had to use eyedrops). I did not have a problem living with that discomfort for a period of time since Accutane is, in my experience, the only treatment that can cure acne.

It is like getting laser vision correction. All the other treatments (the benzo’s, tetra’s, minocin, retin-A, etc) only seemed to diminish breakouts or reduce the frequency. My acne was only mild to moderate, but it was reoccuring. After a cycle with Accutane, however, my acne was gone for good. It was night and day.

I can understand depression being a side effect of the treatment because after I realized all the time and money I wasted on treatments like ProActiv, I was quite down on myself for not taking the treatment earlier. :wink: