Does Scrooge get back with Alice/Belle?

I watched Scrooge (A Christmas Carol), with Alastair Sim. When he goes with The Ghost of Christmas Present, he sees his former fiancee Alice (Belle in the book) working with poor and homeless. I’m assuming she never married or she wouldn’t be doing such work. Of course this is not addressed in the movie or book, but do you think he gets back with her once he is reformed? I’d like to think he does and is happy.

No. He attempts reconciliation, but she—still embittered and not willing to trust him—rejects his overture. Crestfallen, he returns home and commits suicide by swallowing lye.

Sorry. :frowning:

In the Patrick Stewart version, the Ghost of Christmas Present shows him Belle, now married and with children.

I don’t think so. I imagine he focused more on improving the lives of others (not just the Cratchits) rather than trying to redo such a big part of his own life.

This is my all-time favorite version of A Christmas Carol.

In the book, she is married with children, and is the last thing Scrooge sees with the Ghost of Christmas Past. Her husband remarks having seen Scrooge that day in the city, still busily making money. There is no question of reconciliation in that case.

The Ghost of Christmas Present doesn’t show her because she died in childbirth, like so many of her contemporaries. Sorry.

Wow. SOMEBODY sure needs visited by the three ghosts of the Apocalypse.


Well, they’d better hurry because the Last Day is running out.

Wait, I thought Scrooge was in love with Glittering Goldie.

Oh, uh… never mind.

That scene appears in the George C. Scott version, too.

No, it’s his sister who dies in childbirth.

Oh, Charles, you little Dickens!

It was the George C. Scott version I was thinking about. It might be in the Patrick Stewart version, but that hasn’t aired yet this year, so I’m not sure.

I have it on DVD and will probably watch it in the next few days - almost sure Stewart:Scrooge banishes Christmas Past straight after the broken engagement.

Her, too. The Ghost of Christmas Present had too much trouble walking with Ignorance and Want under his robe to mention Belle’s fate. It’s a busy time of year for Ghosts of Christmas Whatevers and he couldn’t remember everything.

Absolutely, why not? If she’s going to become a nurse, and not a housewife, as in the book, why not effect a reconciliation with her old beau? Actually I just watched this movie again. something’s missing–Rona anderson should be there with Scrooge and the now self-ambulatory Tiny Tim! Maybe there could be a computer simulation, on youtube?

Talking of things that miraculously become ambulatory…