Does Secret Service protection extend to jail?

Suppose the FBI decided to indict Hillary Clinton (or George Bush or whomever). How would SS protection be implemented prior to trial or after a conviction?

Also, the FBI is going to interview Secretary Clinton soon. Will her detail be posted outside the interview room?


I’ve read in various books about “special prisoners”. Like a mafia type who was testifying against the mafia. Or a police officer in custody. Or a foreign spy.

For these people, special arrangements are made to hold them in prison as well as transport them. Also special protection is taken where they will be testifying or appearing in court. (To protect their lives.)

In a few cases, prisoners were held at military bases. Other times they may be held in a room at a prison by themselves - not allowed to mingle with the general prison population.

Whatever - they can make whatever special arrangements are needed for special prisoners. Those in charge can do what is needed - have all the flexibility to do what is necessary.

First, the FBI doesn’t indict anybody. Second, there is no need for the SS agents to be present during any questioning any more than they were necessary while she was embarrassing the Benghazi committee.

Of course it extends to “prison” - why wouldn’t it?

How the bureau of prisons would handle it - I’m not sure.

Republicans are going to be very sad when she isn’t perp walked like they seem to be having countless dreams about.

She has a constant detail which travels everywhere - and the offices of the FBI would be no different.

You might not have seen them on Camera, but they were almost certainly there. People were complaining when she was a senator how disruptive her detail was to the Senate. There is no way the secret service would have left her unprotected at the epicenter of a conspiracy theory where some nut job could attack her.

While there are factual answers, this is more of an IMHO thread rather than a General Question. Moved.

samclem, moderator

Sure it would, they have to protect you everywhere. I’ve often thought that if I was ever President of the United States instead of throwing the ceremonial first pitch I would keep the ball and throw for a whole inning.

If the batters started to tee off on me I could just start plunking them. What are they going to do, charge the mound? My Secret Service detachment would wrestle them to the ground.

I realize it’s not a very ambitious plan, but it takes very little to amuse me.

You have seen all the footage (real and fictional) of secret service agents around the President reacting to sudden gunfire? It usually involves some combination of pushing him towards cover, physically picking him up and throwing him to cover, and/or jumping on top of him as a human shield.

I’m just saying you might not want to count on the SS being afraid to physically touch you.

I can’t see someone that powerful getting tried, let alone convicted and imprisoned.

However, I’m sure someone with Secret Service protection would get bail.

If you insert the word wet in between countless and dreams, I think you’d be closer to the mark. :wink:

Hillary isn’t going anywhere.
Even if she were to be guilty she wouldn’t be charged; to imagine otherwise is the idle reverie of a right-wing redneck nutter.
Were she to be sent down however, she would be safe enough in Guantánamo Bay.

Ignoring the political issues, I can’t see a president or former president convicted of a felony and sentenced to jail time getting actual Secret Service protection while incarcerated. Suppose Nixon had be convicted and sentenced to a year or so. He’d have served it in a Federal, ‘Club Med-style’ institution specifically tailored for his needs.

Didn’t Bush’s daughters get arrested for underage drinking during his Presidency? How did the Secret Service handle that situation?

It’s not their job to keep the people they watch out of trouble. Their job is to keep them safe. From what I’ve read they try to avoid making ethical judgments because they want the people they protect to trust them and not view them as the enemy.

Yes, it’s called the “White House”.

Would work well: it’s already Federal property, surrounded by high walls, has security guards & limited access, etc.

IIRC, the Secret Service agents tried to escort the girls out to a waiting vehicle, but deferred to the arresting officers when they ordered the twins to remain on the premises, and ended up accompanying them to whatever facility they were taken to following their arrest.

I know of a couple of cops who were charged with serious crimes. While being held for trial they were kept in protective custody in the county jail. Which is awful. It’s almost as bad as being in the hole. They spend 23 hours in their cell and are only let out for court appearances and 1 hour in the pod dayroom per day. And that is alone with no other inmates present, nobody to talk to, play chess/basketball, nothing!

But once they’re convicted whatever prison they are sent to they were in the general population. Sucks to be them. One of them wasn’t just a cop, he was convicted of molesting his own daughter. See ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!

Regarding the Bush twins, a friend of mine who worked for the Austin American-Statesman at the time showed me the arrest report. It stated that a member of Jenna’s detail (I don’t believe Barbara was there) identified himself to the arresting officer but did not interfere in any way.