Does Skype actually record every call?

Someone told me that Skype actaully records all calls in case law enforcement wants them. Seems a bit on the impractical side. I assume what they actually heard was that it retains all call information, but not the call itself.

Anyone know about this?

This says no

Also, in thinking about it the voice data storage requirements would be pretty onerous and very expensive. If they are not compelled by the law to do so (and it does not appear that they are) there would be no reason for them to do this.

The voice call data storage question is a separate issue from records of the IP addresses you used to access Skype, and your ISP probably does have those records so it might be possible to see if you made a Skype call, but not what was in it.

Indeed. That may be part of the reason why the NSA may soon need an exaflop machine.

There are also strong disincentives. By retaining data, you encourage court orders and law enforcement requests. It’s expensive to handle those, and responding encourages repeated requests.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some law enforcement officers and lawyers believe (incorrectly) that calls are recorded. In web hosting, naive and overreaching requests from inexperienced police and lawyers are common.