Does sperm die when it makes contact with air?

I’m sitting here at work with a co-worker (who happens to be crackhead) and she just asked a question. Does sperm die the instant it makes contact with the air? I say no it doesn’t because well look at sperm donors. Do they go into some vacuum sealed rrom to make their contributions? No I don’t think so. Help prove me right!

I just typed “+sperm +air +die” and I got a lot of hits from advice sites. The consensus is that sperm will survive for several hours as long as it remains in a warm moist environment, so you should always assume that moist semen contains living sperm.

i hope not, otherwise i’ve been responsible for trillions of sperm deaths in my lifetime :slight_smile:

Gees i dont know, but I do know you would like to find out sometime wouldnt you :slight_smile: