Chances of pregnancy

Hope you don’t mind this sexualy open question… Here goes: I was in bed with my latest flame last night. She doesn’t want to have intercourse yet, since she is afraid just a condom isn’t safe enough (she’s going to get the pill this week). Well, there was a bit of fondling and after a while and I came. The sperm ended up on my own stomach, and I wiped it of with a Kleenex. A while after that there was some more fondling and I put my fingers inside her.

It was only this morning that I realised that fingering her after my open air ejaculation might not have been such a smart move. My fingers were dry and there was at least 20 minutes or so between the two moments, but my question is: is there a chance this girl could get pregnant from what happened?

Again, I hope I’m not offending anyone with this explicit question!

Wow Duck Duck,

Qiuck and thorough, that is what you are! And thanks, you’ve pretty much relieved my worries.

Someone needs to tell Teenwire that a woman’s internal system is hardly nourishing and protective toward sperm. The woman’s body is programmed to respond to sperm as invaders and try to keep them out of the body. Vaginal secretions typically kill about 2/3 of live sperm before they ever make it into the uterus. Cervical secretions are usually thick and make it almost impossible for the sperm to pass… unless a female is ovulating. It’s only at that point that the cervix produced mucin, which are thin silky strands which the sperm “climb” to enter the uterus. The mucin doesn’t really protect the sperm, but it does give the sperm a fighting chance of making it to their goal.

Er, Teenwire wants teens to think of the woman’s body as sperm-friendly. If they build up the “sperm are invaders and the woman’s body will fight them off”, then you’ll have teens thinking, “Oh, well, so what if I put it in first before I got the condom put on and some sperms leaked out, it won’t hurt, her body will just fight them off…”

You never been a dumb horny teenager? :smiley:

To use a NASA term, there is a “non-zero” chance for her to get pregnant. But the chance is extremely extremely small. Not even worth thinking and certainly not worrying about.

Its also compounded by the fact you don’t know where she was in her cycle, she may not even have been fertile.

Consider the fact that a man can ejaculate a full load inside a women during her most fertile period and the chance of getting her pregnant is still not sizeable.

But knowing all this, please be careful, act intelligently and responsibly, and do the right thing.

This has been a public service announcement from the SDMB’s resident Old Fart[sup]TM[/sup].

Will do, resident old fart!

Yeah, I’m with Dave. ‘non-zero’ is not ‘zero’.

Play carefully, there, kip.

i’ve seen people say the percentages… that condoms are like 37% effective. they say poorly handling condoms are most of the reason.

does anyone know what 37% mean? how they get that number?
does it mean 100 men try condoms and 63 of them got their partners pregnant?

But isn’t that the whole point? The question is whether pregnancy will result, which rather assumes ovulation in the first place.

No. The numbers they usually give represent how many women will get pregnant on that particular birth control measure in one year of “optimally spaced” intercourse. As anyone who has been to a fertility doc will tell you, the way to get pregnant is not to go at it all day every day, but to space it out to about once every 2-3 days; more often than that, and you get diminishing returns, so to speak.

On this optimal regimen, 85% of women of child-bearing age will get pregnant in a year with no birth control at all. Condoms usually claim a “failure rate” of 10-15% in a year. (Spermicide doesn’t add much if any to that number.) Birth control pills have a failure rate of 1-3% or so, and Depo-Provera and the other shots (Lunelle) have a failure rate of less than 1%.

Dr. J

I gather that the failure rate of means of contraception is based not on the number of conceptions per act of coitus, but on the number of conceptions per year of use. So (if that figure above is accurate), if you and your partner choose to use condoms as your sole means of contraception, and fuck at a normal frequency for a year, being just as careful or careless, and just as diligent or lax, as people normally are when they are relying on condoms, the chance that whichever of you is female will conceive is 63%.

But I must say that I thought the figures for effectiveness of condoms was higher than 37%. More like 60-70%.

So: stick with the frangers and nonoxlnol-9 as a precaution against STDs, but back them up with an IUD or the Pill if you want serious contraception. Nothing beats the old belt-and-braces.


maybe i got my numbers inverted…

Really? I understood it was quite effective, especially in conjunction with another method.

Don’t use Nonoxynol 9 spermicide if you’re hoping to prevent infection with HIV, though. It can irritate the vaginal lining and facilitate infection with the virus if one’s partner is infected.