Splash Pregnancy For Real?

A female friend of mine claims that her second child was the result of a “splash” pregnancy. A “splash” pregnancy is apparently so called because it does not involve actual penetration but ejaculate in the vicinity of the exterior of the vagina that somehow wends its way to the ovaries.

Are sperm this hardy and dedicated that ejaculate in the upper folds of the female mons (or whatever it’s correct name is) can travel down into the ovaries without being ejaculated directly into the vagina?

Is this a possible cause of “accidental” pregnancies? Just curious.

I’ve heard of men shooting “no blanks”, but I think that it
would take an extra hardy soul [actually quite a few hardy
Star Wars type sperm] to be sucessful. Either that or the event was such a nonevent that she forgot all about it.
I’ve never heard of a splash pregnancy, but then again, never say never… I do opt for the second possibility.

Sperm can actually survive for a while outside the penis, provided that they remain in the wet confines of the seminal fluid. In other words, no, a thin scum of dried semen does not contain living sperm cells. However, it’s quite possible that semen deposited outside the vagina could work it’s way in and make its way to the egg. I remember reading once that in extreme cases, sperm could live for as long as a week in the vagina (though most die within a few hours due to the acidic environment) and while pregnancies in this fashion aren’t common, they don’t make the science journals as a medical oddity either.

It is conceivable, excuse the pun.

If she had “wiped up” and accidently forced some sperm into her vagina or if the seminal fluid had run down between the exterior lips of the vagina, it is quite possible.

Additionally, the “pre-cum” a penis produces has sperm in it. This is why “puling out” is not considered an effective birth control method.

Back in High School I had a great Biology teacher who managed to get the point of pregnancy across to us know-it-all teens:

“10,000,000 sperm. 1 egg. The system is designed to work folks!”

That argument pretty much sums it up for all situations from splash to pull-and-pray.

In some parts of the world it is customary to cut a hole through to the man’s urethra so that the semen dribbles out at the base of the penis. There is no appreciable reduction in birth rates because of this practice.


What parts of the world??? Do I need to change my vacation plans???

With fluids dribbling out, I suppose it’s a land filled with “setters” rather than “pointers.”

Then again, maybe that’s why some men’s rooms are so messy…


Ah, people who can pinpoint the day they conceived must not have sex often :slight_smile:

Not true. A woman only is fertile for 3 days during the month. In order to get pregnant you have to have sex the day before or WHILE your ovulating, not afterwards. THere for, if she knows what days she starts to ovulate, she can usually pinpoint within a day or two which day she got pregnant. So… if she had sex on one of those two days she can figure it out. I guess this is alot easier if your in tuned to your body and your schedule…