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Alright, for a women to become pregnant, must ejaculation occur with in the vagina?

Like, could a women become pregnant from a toilet seat?

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No, ejaculation does not have to occur in the vagina for pregnancy to occur. If a man ejaculates anywhere near the vagina, pregnancy is possible. For example, if you’re having anal sex, ejaculate could conceivably dribble out of the anus, into the vagina, and then the sperm could swim merrily along until hitting paydirt, aka the egg. (I told you this might be gross.)

I guess it’s remotely possible that a woman could get pregnant from a toilet seat, although the odds have to be astronomical. Basically, a guy would have to ejaculate directly onto the toilet seat, and then the woman would have to come along immediately afterward and sit on the big puddle of ejaculate, which would have to be positioned just right for the sperm to be able to make their way into the vaginal opening. This really seems incredibly unlikely for a number of reasons.

Here’s a website that addresses this question:

I actually know someone (or knew someone; she’s dead now) who claimed to have gotten pregnant without ever having had intercourse. My first husband’s brother and his wife dated for a couple of years in high school, and Robyn ended up pregnant her freshman year in college. She was sick for a month or so before they figured out what was going on. Her doctor was treating her for an “ulcer” which had been causing a lot of gastronomic problems. After they had the positive pregnancy test we were all astounded that it hadn’t occured to them before. They both said (in all sincerity, it seemed to us) that it never occured to them that she might be pregnant because they’d never actually had sex. Her doctor said he didn’t do a test because she claimed to be a virgin, waiting for marriage, etc. I’m not certain that’s how she got knocked up, but my theory was if they were willing to admit to fooling around (apparently in the buff) - they’d have just as easily admitted to having sex.

O.k., if you look in a “Seventeen” magazine from time to time, this topic does come up. A woman, or girl, can get pregnate without having sexual intercourse that ends in ejaculation.

Here’s how it can happen: First, sperm is suprizingly tough. It has to be. The environment in the viginia is acidic to prevent infection, so sperm has to be strong enough to withstand this. Also, sperm has a marathon swim through the woman’s uterus and one of the fallopian tubes to get to the egg. I’m not sure what the scale would be, but I’d bet its like running across the country or something similar. These facts, make sperm strong in general. There have been some cases that a woman has claimed to have become pregnate while bathing with a lover, but not having sex. This seems a little to far fechted to me, but there have been recorded cases of girls becoming pregnate from “fooling around” even with there underwear on. The common event they all have is that semen dribbled onto them and soaked through. Sperm, being single minded and not caring HOW far they have to go, did their thing.

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Just curious, but how are these cases verified? It seems to me that many a young lady, having gotten pregnant in the traditional manner, would swear up and down to her parents and others that she never did nuthin’. Do the doctors just take the patients’ word on this?

In the French film Romance, the heroine is sitting on top of her boyfriend. He’s impotent, but he dribbles a drop or two of cum anyway. This gets her pregnant, and she sarcastically refers to it as “the Virgin Birth.” Her name is Marie.

“I’m not certain that’s how she got knocked up”

Probably some guy had sex with her when she was asleep. It happens. Of course it’s not legal either.

I woman could get pregnant from a toilet seat & also get VD from it too but she would have to be quite an acrobat.

Here’s a staff report I wrote about this awhile ago:
What diseases can you catch from toilet seats?

…this girl who, as a result as a birth defect, had been born without a vagina. She has performed oral sex on her boyfriend, and swallowed. An angry ex-boyfriend burst into the room, and stabbed her repeatedly. According to this article, one of the stab wounds pierced her stomach, and the semen dripped onto the egg, fertilizing it. I suppose this story could have been erroneous, but I DID read about it.

So she survived a multiple-stab-wound attack, the sperm survived the acid of the stomach, the 12 inch trip through the intestinal cavity, all to land on an egg that gets fertilized.


This smells of urban legend.

And just because you read about it doesn’t make it true.

Here’s an urban legend story that the stab would story probably evolved from.

er… make that “stab wound”

…Just that I had read it somewhere. I’m not nearly niave enough to believe everything I read.

Well, I certainly hope you’re being friends with the kid. :smiley:

The most wild story I read was about a guy who got shot in his balls, the bullet then struck a woman & got her pregnant.

Yeah, I read that, too, in the link that AWB thoughtfully posted above, debunking it…:rolleyes:

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Depends where you read it:

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