Does the average American's view coincide with Bush?

As Canadian, I’m curious. :confused:

Coincide with Bush on what? The war? Spending? Liking Westerns?

By “average” do you mean those not above average ? Or the “normal” american ?

Well according to the book “Dude, where is my Country?” more than 50% of the americans are favorable to “liberal” points of view like legal abortion, welfare, anti death penalty. Bush is a convservative and a wierd one (deficit, war) so I suppose he doesn’t represent well even conservatives.

Conservatives tend to get more fired up with these issues and show up for voting more maybe ?

I don’t know where “Dude, Where Is My Country” gets their information. The book’s title does not evoke a dedication to scholarship.

According to Harris, opposition to the death penalty is numerically weak - certainly less than 50%. (I myself favor an end to the death penalty, but I’m not naive enough to believe that merely because I hold a view, others do as well).

What poll, study, or methodology did “Dude” use to reach these conclusions?

  • Rick

Well, I think I can safely say more American’s share the views of GWB than they do those of Michael Moore…

But, see what the polls say. Just keep in mind that any poll is a snapshot in time, so look over a broad time period and a number of issues.

It’s one of Michael Moore’s books, so the author, at least, has a fairly public bias. (which doesn’t neccesarily mean the poll numbers he uses are flawed, but…)

The average American has one and a half kids and 1/3 of a dog.

I wouldn’t be so quick… Moore is a best selling author. Though I doubt all the book buyers SHARE the same views… but something must ressonate with so many people to give Moore this much sales.

In the end extremes like Bush and Moore aren’t too big in followers.

And it depends on how the poll question is asked in the first place. For example:

  1. Do you favor keeping abortion legal?
  2. Do you favor keeping abortion legal, including abortion in the 3rd trimester even if the life of the mother is not in danger?

I suspect most Americans would agree with #1 but not agree with #2. So which is the “liberal” position? I’d say it’s #2, but even that is a matter of opinion. So do most people favor the liberal position on abortion? Well, it depends…