Does the comic book store guy have a name?

From The Simpsons, that is. If so, what is it?

There’s an issue of Wizard magazine that interviewed the current Simpsons writers. One of them speculated that his name is actually…

…wait for it…

Louis Lane.

Other staffers want his name to be Guy. But other than that, no. He’s only known as Comic Book Guy.

Indeed, mobo85 is correct. In fact, that’s how they refer to him on the show. Comic Book Guy. No more, no less. Kind of like Squeaky Voiced Teen, Sea Captain, and the rest of the one trick pony characters they have on that show.

ResIpsaLoquitor is correct.

The Sea Captain does have a name, though: MacAllister.

The Sea Captain does have a name, though: MacAllister.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, in an episode before the Simpsons finally goes off the air, there is an episode where he’s given a real name. And given the way they revealed Homer’s middle name, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something as uninspired as “Guy.”

What about the episode in which he dated Skinners mom, didn’t they mention his name?

Louis Lane? Worst. Name. Ever.

No sir.

No. That would be Joey Joe Joe Shabbadoo.

Actually, it was Joey Joe Joe junior Shabadoo.