Does the CWIS gatling gun have a manual targeting mode or not?

Pretty much what the title says. I’ve heard various things about it, including people saying you could use it to stop terrorist boats approaching, etc. But if you can’t get a target lock on a fiberglass boat, how do you mow down the approaching terrorists? I would assume that if the target acquisition system is primarily a radar, it would have a tough time with a target at the water surface (since the ocean waves also reflect radar), traveling slowly, among a literal sea of noise. I mean, it might be able to lock on, but it might not, and I would not expect it to be reliable.

The block 1b revision that started in 1998ish added a forward-looking infrared sensor to allow targeting of surface vessels. This can be done either automatically or with operator intervention.

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On a side note, it’s kinda nuts that our opponents use AK-47s and suicide bombers in boats, and we have automatic heat-tracking gatling-gun killing machines you can read about on Wikipedia. Yet still they can send ten people or so and change a superpower’s trajectory for the next 30+ years. Seems like surface vessel target acquisition is the least of our defense problems.

[pedantic nitpick]
It’s CIWS, not CWIS. Close-In Weapon System.

Despite the fact they pronounce it see-whiz which might lead you to spell it c-wiz or c-wis.
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