"Does the Dog Die?"

Does the Dog Die?

I have been waiting for a website like this. Maybe you have, too.

You can go to this website and type in the name of a movie and get a rating as follows:

The database depends on participants to rate movies, so if you’ve seen the movie and know if the dog/pet buys the farm, by all means, share that info with us sensitive/squeamish viewers who don’t like to have our emotional buttons pushed. You do have to have a login to rate (can be FB, Twitter or G+), but not to read.

Grin! A useful service for some people, although strangely tightly focused.

(I wrote and sold a story where the bad guy tests his death-ray on a dog, then goes and kills a lot of people. I got several complaints about the killing of the dog!)

I know there are lots of people here who secretly appreciate this link (even if it’s just to check out films for their kids), but they’re too embarrassed to admit it because of the scorn that will be heaped upon them by this tough crowd.

That’s okay.

You’re welcome.

I remember one particular 2009 film (which I won’t name) that was highly sought-after by my Blockbuster customers, for four big reasons: It starred an A-list actor, the trailer looked good, it had a dog in it, and we only had two or three copies of it. Early reviews of the movie by customers told me that it was a good movie, but sad, because the dog died.

So when asked about customer reviews by someone who hadn’t seen it yet, I had to say, “I’m told it’s good, but sad.” Immediately those customers realized that oh, the dog must have died.

So I left out the “but sad” part after awhile.

Hey, I like this (though I don’t know how often i’d actually use it). “Does the dog die” is notably one of my criteria for watching a movie. My wife picks on me for it. And I’m man-enough to admit both of these facts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got ~ ½-way through My Dog Skip and left the room. Marley and Me… ain’t even gonna start that one.

It needs an addendum for…well i won’t post spoilers…I’ll throw out a couple of titles and people will understand what i mean.

“Love Actually”

‘Oh honey you need to watch this movie’ ‘Ok!’…‘I hate you.’

Reminds me of No More Dead Dogs, a book by Gordon Korman, in which a class of kids revolts against reading a book (or maybe it was putting on a play) in which a dog dies.

IDK about dogs but we know the cat is alive and dead at the same time, proven by quantum physics, actually defines quantum physics, without cats we would not have quantum physics, it is a gift of cats to humanity that we will be forever grateful for.

I remember telling my mom that she would like the movie “My Dog Skip,” which starred Frankie Muniz. She immediately asked me, “The dog doesn’t die, does he?”

I was happy to tell her no, the dog didn’t die. He lived until after his owner had left home to go to college.

Does it account for evil dogs? I’m having trouble thinking of examples - I can’t remember if they show the death of Blondi in Downfall? but they don’t have that listed. Or does anything happen to the devil Rottweilers in the Omen? It’s listed, but the website needs explanation as it has two positive and two negative votes.

It has I Am Legend, John Wick, Red (2008 Brian Cox), and the Royal Tenenbaums, the first ones I thought of.

I’m not sure I even WANT to go to the site, I’m that big of a dead critter wuss. Is the Futurama episode about Fry’s dog listed?

Please DO name the movie. And make sure it’s in the DTDD database.

To clarify/qualify, the score is based on a **pet **dying. I don’t know about evil devil dogs from hell.

Royal Tenenbaums gets the crying-dog “a pet dies” icon.

When I type in Downfall, all I get are “unknowns.”

The site gives no details, just the icon and score as noted in the OP. When I type in Futurama, it lists what look like episodes-- one gets the “pet is injured but ultimately lives,” and two get the “a pet dies” score. And then it lists a bunch of episodes with the “unknown” icon. You will not stumble into any distressing details if you go and just put in the word Futurama.

Thanks for posting, y’all. I didn’t think I was the only one with this issue. Do go to the site and help build up the database. (I have no connection with the site except as a user.)

Even genocidal dictators have pets.

It lists the post-first cancellation movies, “Bender’s Game” and such.

The episode is “Jurassic Bark” by the way.

Thanks for posting this, ThelmaLou. Like many animal-lovers, I often get all twisty and anxious when critters are killed in movies, even though I am fairly tolerant of large body-counts of adult humans.

I browsed through the site, and one of my most distressing animal deaths in films was not mentioned: Cold Mountain. Yep, I am a goat fancier, and I literally had nightmares after a certain scene in that movie. I never read the book, and I suppose the scene was in the book, but reading about something and seeing it are two very different experiences.

Now I’m picturing Hal Briston hearing that and replying with Rainier Wolfcastle’s voice: “We have so much to discuss.”

Passion in the Desert, or Simoom: A Passion in the Desert= very sad film. :frowning:

I pretty much don’t want to see the dog die, ever. Yeah, I saw Old Yeller when I was seven. I remember when Mad Max came out. we were working on the ad campaign. One guy had a dog like Gibson’s dingo. (I know it’s not really a dingo.) He kept describing over and over the dog’s final scene. Wouldn’t fucking stop. And I wouldn’t go near that film for anything in the world. I also remember reading The, uh, 19th, uh, Wife. Don’t even start with me. I quickly had to jump to the end to see what happens to the dog, or I couldn’t read it. I also remember reading Timbuktu, based on a review that led with the disclaimer, “Okay this is a book about a dog, so we know how it ends, right?” I liked the honesty, and the book was cool, written from the point of view of an actual dog. But I hated the ending. You know?

Australian Cattle Dog, sometimes called Blue/Red Heeler depending on color.

I don’t mind seeing animals die, I just don’t like when they intentionally put the animal in danger to tug at the audience’s heartstrings, whether they survive or not. Same goes for kids and doubly so if it’s not R rated so you know they wouldn’t dare kill it off but just put in in danger for drama. Something like Jurassic Bark is awful but at least there’s a reason to show the dog dying.

This. A million times this.

It makes me furious to be manipulated this way! When you aren’t much of a writer, you can always create a reaction in the audience by deliberately stomping on a hot button.

I also avoid movies that are just plain sad, even if the death of the pet or child is a legitimate part of the story. I’ve been close to suffering and death (of people and animals) and there’s no entertainment for me in revisiting those experiences.

I discovered this site when I was watching The Drop. The puppy appeared, and I stopped the movie and went online to try and find out what would happen to it. The dog survives..

I can handle sad movies/shows/books where the pet dies of natural causes, but I can’t deal with the sorts of stories where pets are killed in a cruel way, which is why I shy away from action movies or horror movies with dogs for characters.