"Does the Dog Die?"

I mentioned above I hate it when critters die. Even apparently a cartoon dog in Futurama. however I must amend my statement to say that if said animal talks like a human, I want it instantly dead.

I put in Milo & Otis and interestingly it gets almost an equal number of ‘crying dog’ votes as ‘happy dog’ ones. The film/story itself only shows animals in danger and has a happy ending. However it was widely reported that the filmmakers showed little concern for the animals welfare and several were accidentally killed during the making of it.

Thank you for the link. I can’t watch it if the dog dies, so this will be helpful.

Turner and Hooch, with Tom Hanks, is the movie that immediately comes to mind. Goofball comedy from Disney about a cop forced to work with a police dog that’s lovable but drools all over everything. The movie was not as successful as it could have been because people complained vehemently about the ending.
Tom Hanks was on a late night show a few years later talking about the reaction, and he said Disney should have big display in front of their headquarters using topiary to spell out “Don’t kill the dog.”