Does the Idea of a Corporate "Yes man" translate into Japanese?

Is there a term that is similar or equal to that of a corporate Yes Man, in Japanese?

Yes, the term is “Corporate Employee”

Doing a Google Japan search, it looks like Japanese stole the English phrase. “Iesuman” would be the romanized version of the Japanese spelling. The dictionary definition doesn’t offer any sort of Japanese word as a synonym. There’s only 160,000 results from Google from it, though, which seems a tad low. So probably you’ll find a decent percentage of people who haven’t heard it, but they shouldn’t have any problem looking it up.

Japanese use the English words Yes Man, as spelled by Sage Rate. Business people know and use this term.

Sage Rate? That’s not the guy we were drinking with, right? :dubious:

As somebody and TokyoPlayer point out, it is a well known term. And, contrary to Shamozzle’s insinuation, it’s by no means the usual stance. There’s a huge difference between not speaking out against a senior and being a “yes-man.”

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Sage Rat :smack:

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Not speaking out against seniors is quite common, but being a Yes Man is looked down on.

I think the correct term is sha-in: 社員.

Or maybe I’m just getting cynical about my more slap-headed clients.

Well, the rest of us were drinking. Quite a lot, as I recall.