Does the idea of being bathed by others appeal to you or squick you out?

While looking for pictures of Jean Ingres’ “The Turkish Bath,” I came across this website

I removed the http://www part of the address because (a) the “do no parse URLs” command appears to be missing (b) the pictures are not safe for work. Though all the naughty bits are covered by soap suds, the pictures show a woman being pampered at an Astoria Hotel by being bathed by servants.

This idea disturbs me. Not in an oh-my-god-people-are-being-exploited sense; I’m sure the workers are well-compensated and doing this voluntarily, and, anywhistle, I’m not in charge of them. It’s more of a "I do NOT find the idea of being bathed in such a fashion relaxing or appealing. Not even if the attendants were – let’s see, who am I obsessing over this week? – Linda Park and Taye Diggs, and both were nude, and both were going to have hot monkey sex with me and my wife afterward would I want them scrubbing between my ass. Given the opportunity to have such a four-way I’d insist on bathing in private first. Certainly I am not about to have non-group-sex-related bathing done by strangers unless I’m paralyzed or something.

But that’s just me. Anybody have a different take? Has anyone partaken of such a service, or been offered the opportunity and said, “No, I don’t think so.”

Oh, and don’t google “Ingres Turkish Bath” at work either. It’s buxom bare-breased babes fondling one another.

Scrub out between my ass cheeks? No.
Dig out the chunkage between my toes? No.

I relax in a the tub while someone rubs a soapy, soft wash cloth around my back and shoulders and maybe my hands… that could be nice.

I have this weird thing where I don’t like it when someone washes my hair… when I’m getting my hair cut for instance, but in my imagination, someone washing my arms and chest sounds ok.

It looks like a variation on a massage, to me, which generally doesn’t squick people out. I’m not sure what the long tubular thing is, though, on the guy in the last picture. :eek:

Not clicking from here, but unless I knew my washing attendants intimately and I could lie back while they first cleansed me then used me for our collective pleasure, it would be squicky.

I take a shower first, then maybe. But no, it wouldn’t be my favorite thing.


If it was a woman, whom I didn’t know, bathing me, I’d be ok with it. Maybe two of them. Anything else and I’d be uncomfortable to completely squicked. Turkish bath type scenario would be a bit hellish.

I love someone else washing or brushing my hair. It stops at the edge of my scalp though. Anything other than hair washing…no.

I’m a guy, we don’t take baths. That being said, it there were a set of red haired young ladies who were bound and determined to make it happen, well who would I be to argue?

No thanks. Not my cupa.

Now this may get to be a bit TMI- but after I have known someone and become intimate with them- for certain things I am going to require that I be the washer before…

Eww- not me getting washed by a stranger, tho.

It’s not something I’m going to go out of my way to participate in.

OTOH, if I won a vacation package or something similar that it was bundled with, sure. Why not?
Well, I might go a few hours out of my way if it were Jolene Blalock wielding the washcloth.

In picture number one, her nipple is most definitely visible. Not that I’m complaining :smiley:

I’d probably try it, but for me bathing certainly is a very intimate activity. If a guy did it, I’d feel somehow gay even though that’s totally stupid and irrational, and if a women did it I’d feel worried that I might become totally turned on. Still, if I’m being offered to be pampered, I’m sure I’d try it.

But if they were bound then how would…

Never mind.

That’s when you use your PeeWee Herman voice, “AHHHH. . .it’s getting all big and hard !!!”.

I noticed that after I posted the OP, but since the ink was broken I figured there was no reason to give a damn.

It would not appeal to me, at all. I would like it if my hubby was the bather; not any strangers, no sir.

I don’t like folks fussing with me - I tolerate getting my hair shampooed when I get it cut. I hated the one manicure I had; just the feeling of another person rubbing my hands with lotion was hideously uncomfortable. I think it’s just too intimate for me.

I think I’d find it difficult the first time, but after that, I’m sure I wouldn’t have a problem.

It’s pretty unappealing to me. As a nursing student, I bathe people sometimes. It’s usually not very enjoyable to be bathed by someone else, from all I can tell. Most people would rather be doing it themselves, and as far as they can, I let them do so and I just wash the “unreachables.” No, that does not include “down there.” :wink:

Then again, it’s not a sexual atmosphere at all (trust me, even if they’re male and still have working equipment, it’s not), and these people are usually pretty ill, so I’m sure that colors my perception of the whole deal.

Although I have to admit that I sometimes feel total married woman guilt for enjoying the shampoo at the salon so much…

How else is the royal penis going to get clean?