Does the name 'Tarot' ring a bell?

To the Dope’s musical theatre fans, that is. My girl has (still has, mind) a record from when she was a kid that she used to love, and would listen to every night before bed. The label on it says “Tarot, the Original Cast Recording”, and I thought I’d look into it and see if the intarwebs had any information on it or maybe even have it on CD.

I’m getting nothing. According to her, she’s had people look for it, and apparently there were only 100 records cut or something like that. And since she doesn’t currently own a record player, I haven’t even heard it. But I’m really curious about it, and figure this is the best place to gather any information I can at all about it.

A little help?

I found a German one…

Unfortunately, every page I can find that tries to link to the official page for the show links to the same defunct link.

Also unfortunately, one of the sites that mentioned it also mentioned that it had never been released to CD.

The only bell it rings with me is the record from the childrens show Ace of Wands

Go to the “Title Sequence” page - there is a record entitled “Tarot”, though it doesn’t say “original cast recording”.

Turns out, the record was the instrumentation for a project by a member of the Grateful Dead. No CDs that I can find, and very little information on the show itself. In any case, my girl is going to have her record put onto CD, so I guess it’s a moot point.

Thanks to jayjay and TPWombat for helping out though.